One of the reasons why people online sign up to expensive high ticket coaching programs is because they want a shortcut in knowing the things that they find very important in their lives or careers. Most of these people have no time to read hundreds of articles and just get confused later on with conflicting information they get. If you’re someone who’s offering these types of infoproducts, you need to make sure that your programs are comprehensive enough in order to give your prospects their money’s worth. Here’s how you can do that:

1. First, I suggest that you make a conscious decision to personalize your programs based on the unique needs of each of your customers. Keep in mind that these people are paying $5,000-$10,000 for your programs. The least thing that you can do is to tailor-fit your offerings to make these people happy.

2. Conduct one-on-one interviews. Call your customers the moment they signed up and interview them. Your goal here is to identify their unique needs. You have to understand that although your customers are sharing the same goal or the same problem, they do need different type of assistance. This is because they have different skill levels. Some of your customers might have at least basic information about the subject that you’re discussing while others are virtually clueless. You don’t want to offer these people the same program, right? You don’t want to offer your clients with some information that they already know and assistance that they do not need. While interviewing these people, I suggest that you list down all their pressing issues, their burning questions, their goals in life, and those things that they really would like to know about. Use these as your guides when designing your coaching programs.

3. Plan your programs. Next step is to plan your programs. Take as much time as you need and ensure that you’ll be able to give your customers every piece of information, assistance, and guidance they need. Do your research and consult other experts if you must just to make sure that you will not leave any stone unturned.

4. Use all coaching mediums. Deliver your programs using all mediums so you can easily attract more customers. Here’s what I suggest; you can send your customers with email every week that contains the information they need. These may include instructions on how to do things on their own, the answers to their questions, or guides on how they can develop certain skills needed to advance in their chosen endeavors. You may also opt to offer them access to you member-only site so they can learn at their own pace. Then, call them up at least once a month to check on their progress. If needed, offer group coaching programs using video conferencing sites. In here, you can address the same issues that your customers having so you can save time and energy.

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Sean Mize is an expert at using article marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He initially developed and mastered many of the advanced article marketing tactics that are currently being used by hundreds if not thousands of marketers today (he has personally taught several thousand clients his article marketing methods and techniques)

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