Do you have a great idea for a series of strategies that are high-value to your clients, but aren’t sure how to deliver them? Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal clients’ attention. Creating short audio files can really grab your ideal clients’ attention. You send each one out individually by email using an autoresponder. This is an automated email system which most email services provide.

Offering a series of strategies is a strong marketing tool to stay in touch with your list and share your knowledge on a regular basis. Being top-of-mind with prospects increases the likelihood of converting them into clients.

1. Write the strategies. Start by creating the series of helpful strategies that solve your ideal clients’ big problem. Think about what keeps them up at night at 2 a.m. and what solutions they search for on the web. Short strategies are best for a series like this. If the material takes too long to listen to, people could lose interest and click away. Be succinct.

2. Record the strategies. One really easy way to record mp3 files by phone is with Audio Acrobat. It’s a great service because they host your audios on their site. Plus, they provide easy html code to create a player for your web page.

3. Write the emails. Next, you write a brief email to announce each tip. Say something like, “I’m excited to send you audio number one on topic XYZ.” Tell them a little bit about what to expect. Include a call to action to attract clients, reminding readers you are available for help with the topic any time and provide contact information. Then include a link to the page on your site with the audio clips.

4. Set up the web page. Create pages on your site where prospects can listen to the audio series. You’ll need a separate page for each audio strategy and a brief description about the topic. Be sure to include instructions on how to listen to the audio, where to click, etc.

5. Schedule the emails. Schedule the emails to go out automatically in regular intervals; maybe once a week or every five days. Now you are all set to deliver fabulous content and stay in touch with your prospects to convert them and attract clients.

Your Assignment:
A series of audio strategies make a very attractive Irresistible Free Offer. Or you can create the series as a separate offering to build up the “know, like and trust” factor with prospects. Either way, this is a great marketing tool to attract more clients.

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