Ok, you’ve picked your topic for a free teleclass and you’ve written up your program notes. That’s a great start. You know you will be sharing information that your prospects and clients really want to hear.

Make sure you don’t give away the farm by focusing on “what to do”, and not giving all the details on “how to do it”. This strategy will get attendees excited to want to know even more.

After delivering your material or answering questions for an hour or so, it’s time to pitch your product or service. Create a very compelling offer so people are willing to act on it right away. I recommend offering a special bonus for making a purchase by midnight. That seems to get many fence-sitters to take the plunge and go for your offer. The idea is to make it easy for people to decide to purchase by offering something that is hard to resist.

Not sure what to offer? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

- A bonus coaching session with you
- An additional product to download
- Access to another audio program you have already recorded
- A special ebook or one of your current ebooks
- A second Q&A call for follow up questions

Don’t feel pressured to create something new or additional for the occasion. The simplest thing is to offer something you have already developed.

You do want the bonus to be a high perceived value, so that it does encourage listeners to take immediate action. If you need more ideas, think back to teleclasses you‘ve listened to and remember what kind of offer motivated you to buy.

When you make the offer, start by talking about the main product or service you are featuring and focus on the problem it solves. Describe the benefits of having this item and how it will help them. Then talk about the bonus they get if they buy that same night by midnight.

Wrap up by thanking the listeners and reminding them the bonus offer is good only till midnight. This type of strong finish is a proven way to generate sales and encourage more listeners to step up to the plate and commit that same night. You are adding an incentive to help attendees gain access to more of your materials or services so you can share your gifts and serve them better.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

To determine your bonus offer, take a look at your current products to see what enhances the featured offer. Or think about what additional service would fit well with your main offering. If you are just starting your business, take 15-minutes right now to brainstorm what you can create that will add a high perceived value and motivate listeners to buy on the same night as the call.

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