Today’s Client Attraction business growth strategy has to do with what you do in your business, and once you get to a certain level in your business, you go from needing to do everything to needing to specialize in what you do. Your strategy tip today is about focusing on what you do best.

When you’re first ramping up your business, you have to do everything from changing the light bulbs to invoicing to working with your clients to marketing to ordering supplies and things like that, but after a while once you have more clients and you have less time, the only way for you to make more money, is to really focus on what you need to be doing, the money generating activities, what you are best at and look at delegating or bringing on outside people to help you with the rest.

Why? Because you can’t grow your business to the next level. Let’s say you’re at an advanced level. You’re an established business owner. You’ve been in business for two or three years and you’re looking to leverage it and multiply it. You can’t do that if there’s more time and no more you to go around. So, it’s really time to focus on what matters most in your everyday work for you to work on. So, I have three questions for you today to help you really strategize the next level of your business, so you can start leveraging what you do.

The first question is: What is the most important thing that you are doing in your business right now that someone else could do better? There are things that you do that you’re uniquely brilliant at, and things that you’re excellent at, and things that you are competent at, and things that you’re completely incompetent at doing.

There are some things, some of those competent and incompetent things that you’re doing in your business can be better done by somebody else. What is that for you? I’ve gotten clear in my business what those things are, and I don’t do them anymore. I’m only doing the stuff that I’m uniquely positioned to do in the business, which means that it grows the business much faster.

The second question is: What is the single most important thing that you are lacking in your business that can be supplied by somebody else? I know that in my business, little things like bookkeeping. We all know I’ve never been good at that, all the minutia, but lots of other things in the business that is better done by some outside company.

Finally, what is the single most important thing that your company, you – your business provides that other people are incompetent at doing. One of my unique abilities is showing people how to make a lot more money in their business and set up marketing sequences, and an authentic marketing message that has people say, “Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I need,” and then scaling their businesses and multiplying their income. That’s what I’m good, and many other companies, many other business owners are not good at that. In fact, they’re incompetent at that. So, those are things that I can provide.

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