How do you define what you really do? This is a problem that many entrepreneurs have in terms of their marketing. For most entrepreneurs actually, but it’s especially so for people who do more than one thing in their business. I’m a big fan of saying, “Be known for one thing and one thing only,” but for a lot of people that poses a problem because they are really good at several things. So, for example you might be a nutritionist who is also into Reiki and natural remedies and jujitsu.

There are many people who offer lots of different things like this. Perhaps you’re a coach who does life coaching and business coaching and spiritual coaching and you find you’re having a problem defining what you do so that people say, “Oh, I know exactly what you do. I want to work with you.” A lot of times I will say to somebody it’s really difficult to drive two cars at the same time or ride two horses at the same time. I don’t know anybody who can do that.

Trying to market two different businesses at the same time is really, really difficult and I recommend not doing that, but the solution has to do with a question that I want to ask you. Do all roads lead to Rome? Do all of the roads that you are taking in your marketing, in the things that you offer in your business, do they all lead to one place?

Let me give you an example. As you may know I’m an expert at marketing and I am an expert at teaching mindset and I’m an expert at teaching systems and passive income and leveraged income and raising your prices and the spiritual application to client attraction and marketing and so on and so forth. We teach internet marketing and all of these different things.

You would think, “My gosh, how do you make sense of it all? How does it all fit in to one package?” This is the trick. The trick is you can do lots and lots of different things and teach those different things if that’s your type of business, but ask yourself, “What is the umbrella that captures it all?” In my case the umbrella is client attraction. It’s about getting more clients, making more money and having systems for it all to run so smoothly together.

Whether I’m teaching marketing or mindset or systems or client management or internet marketing and information marketing it doesn’t matter because it’s all under that umbrella of client attraction. All of these roads lead to Rome. All of these roads lead to client attraction.

If you’re doing more than one thing in your business, to look at where do all of these things lead? Do they all lead to one type of result? If so, is that result your umbrella?

If so, then you position yourself as the umbrella and not all of these tiny, little, different pieces and that is how you want to be known in your industry and in your market and to your clients and your prospects and your referral partners.

If they don’t all lead to Rome, if you know what I mean, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing that thing in your business or find a different way to put it together so that it makes sense, but the key is to have one cohesive way of being able to speak about your business so that people get it and they want to work with you.

“Do all of the little pieces that you have produce the same end result?” If so, what is your umbrella? Mine is client attraction. What is yours? That is your assignment for the week.

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