What do we actually mean by well-being? Well-being is a collective concept, which was underpinned by an active and busy lifestyle with a huge desire to live meaningfully and find that work-life balance.
But in 2020 the basic vision of well-being has significantly changed, in order to a whole world situation, a general view on the human’s conditions, time, health, and life value is not the same anymore. Let’s take a quick look at how we can proceed with this experience and turn it into our biggest power to live happily ever after.

What is something we call Well-being?

Well-Being is basically a state of mind, in which a person feels happy, stable, and optimistic about the future. He lives in good conditions and is aspired and ready to work for achieving his goals. This is a combination: a person feels good and functions well.

What are the different types of Well-Being?

Even though the concept is complex and multi-layered, we would consider it as a combination of different types of ‘health’: emotional, social, societal, and, of course, physical. World Health Organized has closely linked health and well-being in their study. Thus, we can divide this concept into these groups:

Mental and Emotional Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Social Well-Being
Societal Well-Being
Workplace Well-Being
& some others, that are summed up in our original material with substantial details:

Factors that influence your Well-Being.

These are things that surround us in daily life: our routine, nutrition, physical and mental activity, personal finance, communications and relationships, global changes, economy, environmental circumstances, our education, governance, and self-esteem.

And the tips on how to support your Well-Being and even drastically increase the level of it.
- Journaling.
- Mindfulness practices, such as meditation.
- Reading.
- Discovering or rediscovering your passions.
- Learning how to manage your time and learn new things.
- Using digital well-being apps.

And this is it! For more details follow this link to see our original article and see a more detailed overview of each of the points!

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