As warm days approach, many people desire to relax in a tranquil ambient and enjoy in the comfort of their garden ambient. Stunning pergolas don't only serve to protect us from harsh sun rays, they let the cool breeze pass as we indulge in the beautiful view of the garden. No matter if you want to create an entire summer room out of your pergola, or you wish to have a peaceful exterior where you can sip cold drinks, here are a few ways on how to spruce up your lavish pergola.


Luscious green pergola

The most classical idea is to plant lush plants and flowers around your pergola and let them naturally grow up. You can artfully balance the outlook of your pergola by combing plants that grow throughout the whole year such as tulips or summer roses. On the top you can have grapevine which would provide enough natural shade, making it a place you wouldn’t like to leave.


Mediterranean style décor

Even if you don't live next to the sea or ocean, but you have already incorporated Mediterranean style in your home, you can do the same with your pergola. Specially designed influence to your pergola will add romance and uniqueness to it. You can have one side with a special patterned backdrop that can add up to the perfect Mediterranean feel. Whether you choose the sky blue color or any other, this décor will nicely blend in the texture with the shade.


The Corner Style Pergolas

Usually, many people opt for having their pergola in the back corner of their garden in order to use up space. If you already have a wooden pergola tucked into a corner, you can decorate it with more rustic and vintage look. Add woven textures, maintain neutral color scheme and pattern, such as brown, and top it all up with a big centered metal lantern.


A dining pergola

Since pergolas provide a little piece of heaven in our backyard, it is fair to say that we should spend as much time out there as possible. Decorating it with wide dining table and bold ceramic dinnerware will certainly boost the atmosphere. What is more, to have an even more intimate and relaxing atmosphere consider installing quality pergola blinds that will keep you protected from the midday sun.


Wide open comfort

If you happen to have a detached pergola next to the swimming pool, then a great way to refurbish it is to add some lavish and beautiful curtains. The natural look of the pergola will open up the entire ambient, but by placing colorful curtains you will certainly spruce up the seating area.


Let there be light

Whatever type of pergola you might have, the most stunning way to enliven it during warm summer evenings is to place some extravagant lighting. You can install string lighting all around your pergola, go for classical paper lanterns that are quite vivacious, or place some gorgeous white candles as a centerpiece. Candles are a perfect way to enlighten the night and bring that intimate feeling.


An urban composition

If you happen to live in a bustling city where you are surrounded with constant commotion, there is no greater feeling then to escape to your own private oasis. You can place a contemporary slatted fence around, add mirror trellis and place vivid flower pots. What is more, by adding rich daybeds and hued glass-top tables you will have a one of a kind city pergola.


The chill area

Many prefer their patio area to have a nice green shade and to relax out there with a glass of cold lemonade and a good book. You can add an entirely bigger Zen feeling to it by using two sides of your pergola, installing a hook and attach a hammock. There is no greater way to hang around in summer.


Enclosed sitting area

So, you have a little backyard enclosed pergola that still gives you privacy, why not spruce it up with tiny details? You can place funky multi colored cushions which you can make, or build some planters around. You can use them to grow herbs or succulents, or any other greenery that you wish. Another idea is to place some vintage and authentic chandelier.


Tropical upgrade

Have you ever thought about escaping to a tropical paradise? You can easily do that at your pergola, just add a terrarium of sorts, or plant tropical fruits which will grow above your pergola. Moreover, you can surround it with linen blinds, or install a shimmer stone fountain. By hearing the gentle flow of the water you will most surely enliven your senses.


All of these designs might light up your imagination and give you an insight on how to decorate your pergola in your genuine and charming style. Make your pergola stand out with these ideas and just sit back and loosen up.

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Growing up on a village helped me become what I am today. Constantly surrounded by nature and animals my curiosity was satisfied. In my teen years I moved to a city and started helping out at my dad's construction company. This is how I got the idea to become a civil engineer.
Since then constantly studying and finding new projects to work on has taken almost all of my time. Buy hey that’s what I love doing so it’s not hard!