Being in a long term relationship can have so many wonderful aspects. People fall in love and remain together all the time. However, being in a long term relationship can also become stale and boring. There are times when stale and boring can be fixed, and there are times when other issues mean you need to know it’s time to move on. Here are 7 signs of when to end a long term relationship:

1) The relationship is abusive
2) Neither party makes the effort to change
3) There is no sexual spark
4) There is no respect
5) There is no love
6) You have tried numerous times but nothing gets fixed
7) You’re only staying because you feel like you have to

Nobody ever said relationships are easy. It is one thing to choose to stay in a relationship and work on your problems, but it is entirely different to have to live your life with someone who does not respect you enough to work through those problems with you. The first of the 7 signs of when to end a long term relationship is abuse. If your partner is physically or mentally abusive, then it’s time to leave. If they have made the effort to change and are still unable to, then you need to know they probably never will change. Alcoholism and abusive relationships will never change, it’s important to know when to move on.

Another problem is respect. If you or your partner have lost respect of the other person, it is nearly impossible to bring that respect back. You cannot be in love with someone you don’t respect. Also, sex is a very important part of any relationship, and while sometimes in long term aspects things get a little dry in the bedroom, you need to know when to move on. If your partner is sleeping around, or of there really is no sexual attraction between you then perhaps moving on is a good idea.

If you want to know when to end a long term relationship, the best advice is to listen to your heart and your instincts. There are sometimes when you and your partner do love each other enough to really work it out, but other times there is just no chance of working things out. You can end a relationship that is no longer fulfilling the needs of you and your partner.

Also, any time there is a doubt about your relationship it’s important not to ignore that. Some couples stay together simply because they have no place else to go. One of the other 7 signs of when to end a long term relationship is staying simply because you feel like you have to. Maybe you are big on keeping your commitments and marriage is a commitment. Maybe you and your partner cannot afford to leave each other. Whatever the case may be, to end a long term relationship isn’t an easy decision, but there are signs and steps to help you along your way.

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