How To Deal With Uncaring Husband: Secrets Of Keeping Your Husband In Love With You

Do you want to be able to have more control in the relationship with your man? Do you want to make your man love you more? Do you want to mesmerize him and get him addicted to you? If so, this could be the most important page you'll read. You are about to learn some effective ways you can make your man love you more...

Making a man shower insane amounts of love is just like flipping a few switches. You have to flip the right emotional buttons in a man to make him feel the right feelings. The ability to flip the right switches at the right time is a skill you can learn just like playing a guitar. As you do it over and over again, you get better at it.

You can mesmerize your man completely and have him addicted to you if you make him feel the right feelings. And if you have him addicted to you, he is never going to leave you. He'll truly love you deeply and do all that he can do to please you. Here are a few tips to make your man love you more...

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Appreciate your man - Just like the way we love compliments from men, they want it too. Men want to feel appreciated and feel valued. When you tell him that he's hot or he's awesome, he feels appreciated. He'll enjoy the appreciation and will do all that he can do to get more appreciation from you. It's a drug and he will get addicted to it. So shower it to him in the right manner and make him completely fall head over heels in love with you.

Take care of looks - Your man is going to love you and like you more if you take time to look beautiful. Always dress your best and look as sexy as possible. Get a makeover if you have to. Join the gym in case you are overweight. DO all that you can do to make yourself more desirable to the opposite sex. Looks don't matter that much. But they do play a role in gaining approval from his friends and making him feel fascinated by you.

Pursue your hobbies - When you pursue your hobbies, you will have more to share with your man. When you do your own thing, your man will find you more independent and non clingy. This will make him feel attracted towards you. Independence of a woman is sexy. However, most women tend to cling on to their men and act needy. This scares them and they leave without committing even if things were going great.

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This article about understanding men is going to talk about a book that I read in high school. The book was called "Peeling The Onion" and it was about a girl who got into a car accident and had to rebuild her confidence up to allow people to love her. The onion is a great metaphor for this article because it emphasizes how we as people behave in society. We all have layers that we put on to protect ourselves. Once these layers come off, we are our true self. However, how often does anyone ever see anyone's true self? I'll explain how you can do this to make your man see you in a different light and to fall in love with you all over again.

1. How Many Layers Do You Have?

An onion has a certain number of layers. Each onion is different, but usually you can count about seven to eight different layers. How many layers do you think people have? It's a lot harder to count, but with some people, it can feel like you would never get down to their core, no matter how deep you go.

Some people are just scared of being judged. Some people don't want to be alone and feel left out of society. They would rather fit in on a superficial level than risk it all and try to find people who are more like their true selves.

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2. Let's Take It Easy...

Sorry to go all deep and meaningful on you there. I'm not asking you to be totally, 100 percent honest and to simply not consider other people's feelings when you talk to them. You can show your true self to your man without having to be so intense so as to completely shed your outer layers. Here is how one of my exes did it in the past.

One time, I was visiting her. She's typically quite aloof and distant. I didn't get much affection from her. I snuck up on her when she was washing her dog and I was completely blown away by the love and affection she had for her dog.

3. Do I Get Any?

As soon as she saw me, she reverted to her normal calm and cool self. I jokingly told her about it and how I felt, simply putting it out there. I didn't expect anything, but later when we were alone, I was blown away by how tender she was.

I don't think she was trying to do it on purpose, but maybe she was just feeling vulnerable having being "caught out" by me at her most simple level. She really was a lovely girl and that's why I did date her.

So do you see how showing your core once in a while fits in with understanding men? Everyone has layers. If you simply take it all off and show us a gentler side of you, we will be swept away by your tenderness and love. This will only make us want to be more tender with you.

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"How can you ask me to be selfish when all my life I have been taught that to be selfish is bad" said Mary. She was visibly taken aback by my request. Growing up she was told over and over that she was selfish. Gradually she learned to be much more concerned about other people's feelings than her own.

When I asked Mary to to be selfish I wanted her to take better care of herself. Caring for her self would mean getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, exercising, valuing her time and boundaries, setting limits with others and spending time with people she enjoyed. We re-framed the word selfish to caring about self.

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In Webster's Dictionary selfish is defined as "caring unduly for oneself; regarding ones own comfort, advantage etc. in disregard, or at the expense, of that of others." In common usage the word selfish can also be used when a person needs to be a bit more selfish. Someone like Mary, who had received such strong messages that any sign of "selfishness" was bad needed more of the latter. Likewise, someone who was at the other extreme of "selfishness" would need to learn to be less selfish in order to be in a good relationship. Vibrant relationships involve an ability by both people to care for self and be appropriately there for each other. It also allows each the opportunity to establish solid boundaries and build a foundation of integrity.

It is essential for human beings to love and value themselves. It is through loving ourselves that we also learn to love others. For Mary loving herself was SELFISH. Learning to care for herself taught her that she could take good care of herself and still be caring of others and form vibrant relationships.

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'Who can find a Virtuous Woman? For her price is far above the Rubies... ' Please read Proverbs 31:10-31 to help you understand better the attributes of a Virtuous Woman. Many homes have disintegrated today because we have 'Vulturous' wives rather than the Virtuous ones. Are you married, engaged to be married or maybe you are divorced or separated? The truth is God places a high premium upon the virtue of the woman. It is the virtue that forms the building block for the Virtuous woman.

Lets see a few points below:

- A virtuous woman will pray for the husband and Share in His vision.

- Be careful not to misrepresent him in front of her children, friends, parents and neighbors.

- Do not nag her husband; Insult him or raise your voice at him.

- Do not compare him with her father, friend, brother or another man.

- Will not order him around especially when you are more financially buoyant than he is.

- Develop listening ears at all times. Be willing to chat him up when he gets back from work.

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- Never dominate his life or control him; always give him his chance and time, He is the only best leader; it is not your biblical role; you are a help.

- Do not be in competition with him; your marriage is not a race it is a journey you must go hand in hand.

- Stop making constant reference to his past mistakes; you are denting his ego. Appreciate every little helps he renders, never be an ingrate.

- Do not deny him intimacy; if He does not, make the first move! He may need that intimacy at that very moment.

- Do not fight him, act maliciously or aggressively towards him. You may live to regret this.

- Study his mood before you talked to him, know the best time to communicate with him on important issues - Avoid using provocative words or acting provocatively.

- humble yourself and learn to apologize and listen to him.

- Never use sex as a tool for revenge. It usually boomerang,

- Be interested in his looks and diet needs. Do not allow another woman outside give him what you should have provided for in the home. The appearance of a man reveals the kind of woman the wife is.

God has blessed you with a wonderful family. You have a role to play to keep it together. God bless.

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