Losing anything is frustrating, but to lose your passport can be a particularly painful experience, depending upon where you might be at the time. We all, I'm sure, know of somebody who has experienced the stress of trying to work out how to get home, or how to go about replacing this essential identifying item.

A family member was telling a tale yesterday about a particular trip to Perth, Australia with his wife and four children. Being a very organized family, each person had one small case and one small rucksack which they were individually responsible for. Dad had one additional item; his briefcase, in which he safely carried all of the passports, credit cards and money.

Well, the idea seemed to be "safe"! All went very well, until they arrived at their first hotel and couldn't see the briefcase when they came to unpacking their car. One very worried dad proceeded to drive for forty five minutes back through Perth traffic towards the airport. You can only imagine the thoughts which were running through his mind for that very, very long drive.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. You are responsible for the family and you have managed to lose passports, money and credit cards. You are in a strange country. He described the anxiety and the racing thoughts to me as if it had happened yesterday, as opposed to twenty odd years ago. In this day and age of modern technology you can scan important documents and keep them in your "online safe"; you couldn't do that back then.

He did a lot of deep breathing during that drive and kept the windows open to cool himself down. In such circumstances it pays to know how to relax your mind and your excited emotions. You can relax yourself and calm yourself if only you know how. Self hypnosis is a great help with this.

Upon arrival at the airport, believe it or not, sitting on the curb stone, exactly where they had loaded up the car an hour and a half earlier, stood the briefcase. (I doubt that would be the case in this day and age, but that's another story entirely!)

Once again, put yourself in his shoes. Imagine the feeling of elation and euphoria! He told me how he instantaneously felt as if he was floating on air. He had never felt so happy and those feelings swept over him immediately.

This is a great example of how our emotions can hit rock bottom and yet soar to incredible heights in just seconds. I dare say that even as you put yourself into each of these scenarios - lost and found - you too experienced a little of this emotion simply by identifying with the circumstances. This demonstrates how you can use the power of your mind to change the emotions which you are experiencing.

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