You may have come across that negative people in life at your college, or at work or even in a relationship. In case of handling negativity from outside, you need to take serious action over. You can develop some good approach to handle your own negative thoughts, But it’s better to handle well with the outside negative source. After all, you don’t you just want to impact your positive mindset, Isn’t it?

So here are the possible ways, we need to follow while dealing with Negative person and a our inner thoughts, which making life more tough & challenging one.
Analysis negative situation about what options are available

When the situation is going worse than before and you have no chance to get rid of it. Then think, now it’s time to take active action. So take some time for the situation and think of what possible outcomes it may be.

What you can do the situation, what resources you have and most important set a time limit or priorities to handle that situation.

While dealing with negatives, maintain your cool
Agree that, To tolerate a negative people and situation is not an easy task. This requires a lot of control over mind and own self, too. Still, it is advisable to keep your cool and not giving them a damn. Because if you lose your mind and do the things in anger than ultimately things going worse and they’ll get another point to spread around you.

When your relationships get hard , don't force other to understand you. Right one will not need an explanation and negative one will never understand.

Don’t Reply and just act like you agree
Dealing with negative people is more challenging than the negative situation. Because a person with a negative mindset have that overconfident and behave like they are the Right. No matter how valid points you have, they’ll still find a way to slip away from it.

If the things are irrelevant to you, then simply accept what with them, only to shut their mouth. Because you have other important things to work on.

Keep a Distance from negative ones
Like advice received from our parents when we were kids, keep your distance from the negative ones. Simple as that. Keep your circle clear and be with those who have a positive impact on life.

Best revenge for negative people is Clear Ignorance.

Focus on important thing, Be you
They saying bad at you or impact you negatively, and not leaving any chance to put you down. Really Hard, But just think about they have time to go every person and spread rumors about you. Ask Yourself, Do you have that time to go everywhere and clear the dirt they have spread?
Simple, so focus on your work, on your Growth and let your work speak it all. That’s it.

You need to behave mature, to deal with negative thoughts and person
The problem with the negative ones, that they think they are perfect in everything. While dealing with negative person or thoughts, it requires a mind exercise to handle. Because it cost not only your Time but also demand your concern and self-respect,too.

So behave maturely, and think again before respond to them. Is it really needed to React or response? React, only when it relates to you anyway.

Don't let negativity change your Positive Behavior
You have that Positive image in your circle up till now. So don’t let that negative situation & people destroy your good image. A problem with the negative one is they show everyone how different you are and force you to behave like them.

Don’t follow them, don’t become those who they want you to be. Keep your mind clear and stay what you have been up to, A Positive Soul.

You don't need to take it personally
Not easy, But still don’t take it personally. They talk shit about you always negative and you react to them even more negative tone. And that prove others, you are also the same as they were said. So it’s advisable to stay calm and don’t it to yourself.

Remember, The person that has no contribute to Lift you up, must not be the reason to Put You Down. Simple.
Leave them on their own KARMA
Like time reveals everything. Karma also never forgets what you have done in the past. Instead of forcing them to change their behaviour, which is impossible; Believe in KARMA ,like you believe in god and let them receive what they deserve.

Don’t intend to give them a good lesson, let their karma decide what to do with them. And even don’t pollute your own Karma to handle them.

Focus on your own goals, instead of what they do to you
As time heals everything. Time is the one which reveals an original face of many. The time that spending in spreading a rumor can be used for own growth. You understand that, so spend your time in developing yourself, improving yourself...while they are just talking.

At last, time will show the real picture itself and so you don’t have to prove that now.

They are not only your HATERS,
They are also your FANS who knows more about you, than you.

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