Summary essays are the easiest in all essay kinds because here you just have to provide a summary of a subject matter and teachers usually assign summary essay to the students in order to see the level of understanding of the students. Writing a summary essay is no doubt very easy but it also requires a student to effectively summarize the entire subject matter so that the reader doesn’t find the need for visiting the source to get the further information.

Here is a brief guideline which will help you write effective summary essay in no time.

First steps:

How to write the introduction?

You will have to read the entire source carefully and then extract a thesis statement out of it that will be depicting the main subject of the essay. Here, you would be also giving the name of the essay and the source along with the author’s name. It is better that you also provide so background information about the topic as well; this will make the introduction more compelling.

Second step:

How to write the body?

An ideal way for writing the body of a summary essay is to paraphrase the whole source, if you want to effectively summarize the source, you should follow the given key points.

1- Only incorporate the main points of the source and avoid those which are irrelevant.

2- It is better that you should use at least one authorization of the author in order to bring more life to the essay. This will give a new and refreshing touch while also convinces the reader about your viewpoint.

3- You will have to summarize the source so remember not to add your own illustration or viewpoints about the topic in the summary essay. You will just have to summarize the source here.

4- Make sure you are not incorporating a conclusion in the end of the summary essay so
when you are done with the paraphrasing you should stop writing at once.

Final tips for writing summary essay:

1- Summary essays usually have greater number of mistakes as compared to the other type of essays because we are reading the source as well while writing. This makes us distracted from writing the summary essay, so make sure you are not committing any mistakes.

2- Make sure you are not including any contradictory statements because sometimes we don’t realize what we are writing especially when it comes to paraphrasing.

3- The format for writing summary essays should be asked by the teachers for there is no standard format for writing summary essays, so it is better that you consults your teacher if you are confused with anything.

Hence, you must have noticed that there are only two steps for writing summary essays, the main reason for this is that there is not conclusion in a summary essay as mentioned earlier. Summary essays are therefore quite easy to deal with because you don’t have to research and think too much about the subject matter. The source is in your hands which has to be summarize in the summary essay,

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