Most of us lead a fast city life; although it has its share of positives, it takes a good toll on our physical and especially mental health. Many people face work related stress and have tried every possible way to cope up, only realizing that they haven’t been able to get rid of it.

Most of us have to deal with cruel bosses and stinky secretaries, which at the end of the day not only drains us out of the energy but leaves us stressed. If the same continues for a long time, soon you will get the news that you have high blood pressure problems or sometimes even diabetes.

There are a number of approaches out there which might be great, but don’t work for everybody. Below I have listed a few of the ideas which I believe will definitely make a difference.

It also depends a lot on the source of your stress, which most of the times is the attitude of your boss towards you. Sometimes it is also because of small disappointments adding up to stress and unnecessarily making you nervous.

Clean environment

They say a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. The external factors can be changed and controlled so as to keep your mind cool and balanced. Given the level of pressure one is most of the times it is important to be as comfortable as possible.

It takes only about 10 minutes to organize the documents, books, pen stand and paper clips lying around the desk. This will bring clarity to the mind, when mind is clear it knows how to fight stress.


Exercising releases ‘feel good’ hormones, not only it keeps you active all day long, but it also keeps the mind in balance. People who exercise regularly usually have a cool and calm approach towards stressful situations. Even a regular brisk walk can be a good exercise.

Balanced diet

The problem with working people is that there is no fixed time for the meals. And even if there is, mostly people eat junk food. Follow a strict schedule for taking your meals, take short meals and take light snacks frequently. Try eating more of fruits, nuts, salads and fresh juices.

Anger management

It gets really frustrating when someone is standing right at your desk to keep a check on what you are doing. That’s the time when one feels like the job is not good; the company is not good, etc.

Anger doesn’t harm the one who provoked it; it harms the person harboring it. There are a lot of companies, who offer help on this subject, do take advantage of it, if your company happens to have it.


Nothing apart from a good joke can relieve your stress at work. It works quickly and is entertaining at the same time. It is a good approach to apply a little sense of humor in your everyday tasks at work, given the fact that it is healthy and not loaded with sarcasm.

No matter what approach you decide to take, be persistent about making it a regular practice. Stress is good at times; it helps one with taking quick actions. Such stress should be only temporary, if it travels back at home with you, then you need to find a way of leaving it back to where it came from.

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