Long gone are the days when someone could easily be committed to a mental institution, or worse, simply for speaking up about their ability to perceive auras, past lives, or the future. Thank God. More and more people are receptive to metaphysical subjects, but still, you need to watch what you say. Not everyone will understand, and some will even use the information against you.

Friends and Acquaintances

It’s likely you have friends who are involved with metaphysics if you are too. However, for those who aren’t, remember that it’s not necessary for all friends to have the same beliefs. Accept your differences and respect that they might not want to hear about the ghost in your new home.


The non-believers in your family likely already think your metaphysical beliefs are crazy, so there’s no point in trying to convince them of your viewpoint. Try not to judge them for judging you. They are who they are and it’s okay to have a different viewpoint. Even if they are rude, be the adult and let it go. If they bring up the subject, it’s usually best to keep it brief rather than launch into a detailed description of how grandma visited you after her death. After they die they’ll realize you were on to something, but in the meantime avoid conflict by surrendering any desire to change their thinking.

Occasionally saying a few words about various goings on from a spiritual standpoint is harmless, and will at least make you feel like your voice is not totally shut down. If you’re lucky enough to have a receptive relative with whom you can discuss metaphysical subjects, save it for them.

Coworkers and Your Employer

Caution about sharing your views with coworkers. Even an innocent conversation about your past life visions of you and your coworkers as slaves on a plantation in 1753 could come back to whip your ass Keep your visions to yourself unless a coworker is as metaphysically inclined, and even then it’s usually better to say only what you’d say in front of the entire staff, including your boss. Make sure to use your metaphysical talents to your great advantage in the workplace, covertly (and for the highest good of all involved, of course), to protect yourself and improve your job performance.


Hold your tongue for the first few dates if you think there may be chemistry and compatibility, and after that tread carefully. Your metaphysical interests are only a small part of who you are, and it would be a shame for a potential love interest to drop you in the very early stages of a relationship just because they don’t understand.

On the other hand, if they are rigidly closed off to even the most universally accepted metaphysical concepts, and insist that your convictions are “wrong,” this may not be a match made in heaven. If you find yourself on a date with someone you’d rather not spend time with again, speak your mind and pour it on! They will likely do you the favor of discontinuing the interaction.

Strangers You Encounter

Let your freak flag fly around strangers, especially those you’ll likely never see again! We’re not recommending that you act radically or anti-social, but you may find yourself occasionally giving spontaneous, important messages to strangers, just what they need to hear at the time, and not even realize the importance of what you’ve said and the impact it made. You might serve them perfectly and even plant an important seed of insight that stays with them for years.

Follow the advice above and you’ll have greater peace of mind and suffer less strife in your personal and professional relationships.

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