How to deal with relationship issues and problems in daily life?

We all deal with relationship issues in our daily lives from trivial problems to more moderate problems. If you don’t learn how to deal with relationship problems skillfully, then you might not be handling the issues that arise in your relationship in a positive matter which could affect and hinder the growth of your relationship with your partner.

As mentioned in my book “How to win your lover’s heart” nurturing a relationship daily is very important if you want to win your lover’s heart and have continuous happy relationship together. Therefore, you have to learn the various ways to deal with relationship problems when they arise, so they won’t affect you negatively.

Dealing with relationship problems

If your goal is to learn how to deal with relationship problems, then follow the quick guide below:

1. Put the problem behind you

As soon as you encounter a relationship issue and problem, you need to take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and start meditating on how you would look at this problem in two weeks from now.

For example, Kelly mentions whenever she encounters a problem with her boyfriend, she takes a few minutes and starts focusing on how the relationship with her partner will be two weeks from now. In other words, she separates herself from the problem.

She would say to herself, “In two weeks, I’m going to look back and realize that this problem is so trivial, so I’m not going to let it upset and affect me now.”

She holds that thought in her mind for a few seconds, then she moves to step two. This step is a very crucial step to help you get a grip over your negative emotions, don’t skip it.

2. Say something positive

Now, it is time to say something positive to make the issue and the problem less daunting. Many couples say they can’t say something encouraging or positive in the middle of a problem. However, remember what you did in the first step. You have put the problem behind you and you have meditated on the fact that this problem is not that important, so you are capable of saying something positive if you really have convinced yourself that the problem is trivial.

If at first you find it hard to say something positive in the middle of an argument, then start practicing, one step at a time. With practice, it will become a positive habit in your life. As you continue practicing, you will become expert at dealing with relationship problems when they surface.

3. Look for solutions

Now that you two are calm, it is time to start looking for solutions if the problem and issue has not been solved yet. What do couples do when they face a problem? The majority start dwelling on the problem. Very few percentages start looking for solutions and the ones they do, start looking for solutions while they have emotional anger inside of them.

This is why it is very important before you get to the third stage and start looking for solutions, you need to be calm and your negative emotions are not affecting you from finding a good decision.

Dealing with relationship problems becomes easy once you understand and start applying some principles like the steps mentioned above. If you encounter severe relationship issues and problems like cheating, physical or emotional abuse, then you have to apply a different method and different steps that I will discuss in a separate article, but for the majority of problems in our daily life which are trivial to moderate issues, the above steps will do the job for you.

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