When we're young, everyone seems so far ahead of us. They appear to be able to cross all the boundaries we want to, and walk all the lines we wish we could. As we start to hit the big ages (16, driving; 18, voting; 21, drinking), we soon begin to boil over with excitement. "Finally our time has come!" we think aloud. Unfortunately, after those seminal ages, things can kind of appear to take a turn. All of a sudden turning forty and fifty and being mocked through both of those decades about aging and wrinkling become the main highlight. What happened to the fun, am I right? Pretty soon people are just waiting on us to retire and roll over! An additional syndrome of age that people don't like to talk of, unless they're talking about them always, are health concerns. Perhaps the most common? That would be the frightful nighttime incontinence.

Should you be unfamiliar with such a situation, have no fear. We'll define it right here so you never get caught up in a situation where you have to pretend you know. In briefest terms, incontinence is having no control over going to the bathroom. Whereas nighttime clearly explains this condition is most likely to overcome you as you sleep.

Having a flashback to those childhood days you laid in bed waiting for someone to find out?

Cards on the table, it's probably going to happen to you. No one can say when of course, that's why there's not some preventative measure at hand. No one out there goes to a psychic to find out if it's coming, it's simply a life ailment of age you can't undermine. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most embarrassing features of age as well. The sort people don't even like to joke about.

Thankfully this is something millions of people have had to cope with, especially as such a large population get older and older. Due to this, there are some ways to help improve the situation once it begins.

If it's beginning, there are one or two things to be done.

Firstly, and without getting into details, there are some medications that can help soothe the occurrence. They don't stop it, but they can work to regulate parts of your body to make it easier to manage. They're also expensive and filled with unintended effects nobody wants to deal with.

The suggestions that don't cost you anything are pretty clean. Discussing it with your significant other or a family member are the best moves. By airing it, you don't feel so weighted down by its impact on your body. Next, begin to monitor your drinking habits. If you're having drinks late at night and are still finding issues, then try scaling back the hour you take your last sip. Finally, there's also exercise. The always healthy alternative can help stabilize the way your organs operate and make them perform toward their best.

Really the most important thing is to try and not get embarrassed, because you're not all by yourself on this. While nighttime incontinence isn't something to brag about, chances are pretty great you're standing in a room with people going through the same thing, or who are just way worse off.

Kyle is beauty professional who specializes in skin rejuvenation.

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Kyle is a cosmetic specialist with experience in microdermabrasion, liposuction, and the HCG diet. He loves to blog about various beauty tips and the latest trends in looking and feeling great.