Google has become an important part of our lives, be it from the point of view of a user looking for something on the page or a business that wants to be searched and found. Both of the things have SEO, working behind the scene.

However, through the updates Google is constantly making, businesses can very easily get affected if they are fined or penalized. Sometimes the reasons are genuine and other times they are just a wrong hit. In the following paragraphs, there are certain ways suggested through which the situation can be handled.

Let us start with understanding the change of algorithm that is happening almost every second week or month.

Is it Algorithmic change or a Penalty

1. Is it really harming your website ranking? Verification from your end is a good idea to go ahead that could be hinted by the significant loss of traffic. Minor up and down will always be there in terms of traffic but exception loss should catch your eyes.

2. On second note, you can check if others on the forum are also grappling with the similar situation along with you. Beware of those who are always complaining for one thing or the other regarding traffic loss. You are in look out for something more of a universal nature affecting numerous websites.

3. Indulgence in unethical practices that are not in line with the guidelines of Google can lead to warning and penalty. Faced with that you will certainly have to fix whatever is wrong and then submit request for reconsideration.

How to act and remain updated

Reading the blogs of reputed SEOs and Google’s official blog can do that bit. They will let you know if anything is expected or has already happened in terms of Google update. Additionally they will help you staying current with the tested methods to deal with these updates and what is your best pick to avoid getting adversely impacted.

On the other hand official blog of Google will make announcements regularly. Taking them seriously is the only thing you can do because they are in a stronghold position.

What to do

While nothing explicitly can be pin-pointed, Google in general wants to enhance the user experience by removing anything that does not appeal to him or worse irritates him. It is always best to follow what is considered ethical and organic.

1. Creating content that does not comes to as a fabricated but crafted. Crafted with expertise, enthusiasm and skill.

2. Staying unique is always the best thing. Being an orange among apples feels odd but nonetheless good if taste is there.

3. Shaking hands with SMO is another wise choice to do. Know people who wish to remain in touch. They can be your customers, potential buyers, partners, stakeholders, etc.

4. The ‘unnatural Links’ are to be avoided at all cost. Review link activities or check historical links. Their unnatural behavior is what is drawing Google’s attention.

5. Check for paid links and ask them to be removed. This could be your best bet.

6. Identical anchor texts back linking can also be the reason why Google has penalized you or might penalize you. This is to avoid over optimization.

7. All you might need is change in anchor text by the sites webmaster.

Focusing on the above points will certainly help but do not stop on just that. Sky is the limit for the task of SEO you have in your hand!

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