Chronic prostatitis is a complicated disease. Many patients will appear frequent urination symptoms, and some patients even appear insomnia and dreamy symptoms. If there is inflammation of the prostate, it will oppress the prostate, leading to the slow overflow of prostatic fluid. When the prostatic fluid flows through the urethra, the feeling of urination will appear, so there will be frequent urination. And going to the toilet at night frequently will affect the quality of sleep, leading to neurasthenia, insomnia, and dreaminess.

Why do you have these symptoms? It is related to some bad habits:

1. Excessive drinking: excessive drinking can make the whole body capillary congestion, resulting in mild edema, the prostate is no exception, and the prostate is surrounded by muscle fiber connective tissue, so at edema is mainly inward gland swelling, it is easy to be infected and prostate hyperplasia.

2. Eat stimulating food: eating hot pepper can stimulate the digestive tract, urinary tract congestion, easy to cause constipation. These are very adverse to the local metabolism of the prostate and can induce inflammation.

3. Sedentary: it is related to occupations, such as drivers, office workers, etc. On the one hand, abdominal pressure on the prostate increases. On the other hand, when sitting, the prostate is in a horizontal position, and its urethra and prostate gland tube opening in it are in the same plane position. So if there are bacteria in the urine, it is easy to retrograde into the gland tube to cause inflammation.

4. Do not like to drink water: urine is concentrated if you do not drink water for a long time, accumulating harmful toxic substances in the urine, which is easy to return into the prostate tube, causing harm and disease. So, people who do not like drinking water are easy to get prostate disease.

5. Long term habitual constipation: because of the anatomical position, the prostate's posterior lobe is close to the rectum. If constipation occurs, the fecal mass will squeeze the prostate forward in the rectum, causing local blood circulation disorder. Besides, constipation will produce some toxins, causing systemic dysfunction and reducing the body's immune level.

6. Irregular sex life: it's mainly aimed at the overflow of sexual life or more sexual partners. Ignore hygiene when sexual life or excessive masturbation can cause prostatitis.
Because chronic prostatitis can bring harm to men's life and body, once the prostatic inflammation is found, treat it in time. Chronic prostatitis can be cured by medicine. When bacteria are detected, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics.

But if the symptoms are not relieved after treatment, or the symptoms are repeated when stopping the drug, it is necessary to choose a safer and more effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate all signs and get rid of the disease completely.

Besides treatment, prostatitis prevention is also essential:

1. Drink more water. The urine concentration will stimulate the prostate, and long-term stimulation will damage the prostate. Drinking more water, and urine more to dilute the blood and ease urine concentration.

2. Don't hold your urine. Whether it is male or female, the harm caused by long-term holding urine is huge. It is harmful to the bladder and prostate and easy to produce urinary tract infection. In particular, office workers, busy all day, often ignore urination and are used to bear the idea of urination, which is not good for the body.

3. Take a warm bath. A warm water bath can relieve the tension of muscles and the prostate and relieve discomfort symptoms. It is undoubtedly very beneficial for patients with prostatitis to take a warm bath regularly.

4. Keep clean. The male scrotum is often affected by the secretion of bacteria. Therefore, keeping the perineum clean is a vital link to prevent prostatitis.

5. Have a moderate sexual life. Frequent sexual life can lead to long-term prostate congestion, causing prostatitis. Men must control sexual life, avoid repeated prostate congestion, and give full recovery and prostate adjustment.

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