Are you in an abusive relationship? Is dealing with emotional abuse hard? How to deal with emotional abuse?

Jennifer mentions that her partner keeps saying abusive words and statements to her. She has informed him many times that abusive words are worse than physical abuse because according to her, physical abuse goes away with time, but abusive words stay for ever in her brain.

Let me ask you, do you use uplifting statements to your partner or negative statements that put you partner down?

As I mentioned in my book “How to win your lover’s heart” that there is nothing worse than hurting your partner’s feelings and emotions. On the contrary, as long as you stay abusive to your partner, you are losing their love instead of winning it. Respect is crucial for every healthy relationship and for every marriage. You have to make sure to be gentle with your partner’s emotions. The successful person is the one who appreciates his partner’s feelings and emotions. When your partner talks about their emotions, listen carefully. Never use vulgar, negative, and abusive language toward your partner.

Signs of emotional abuse

1. Your partner keeps saying abusive language to you and insulting you.

2. Your partner keeps putting you down.

3. Your partner keeps blaming you for everything that happens in life.

Understanding emotional abuse
Before you learn how to deal with emotional abuse, you have to understand its causes. What makes a person be abusive? A person can be abusive for many different reasons:

1. Learning from the parents

Many people are abusive in their relationship because they have learned to be abusive from their parents. For example, if your partner saw his father say abusive words to his mother, then he learned as a child to behave in a similar way. Remember, more than 90% of our ideas and beliefs are acquired by the age 7 and mainly from our parents.

2. Wanting to be in control

Another reason that could make an individual abusive is wanting to be in control all the time. For example, if a man wants to watch a specific show on television, but his wife wants to watch another show, then he might start becoming abusive and demand to watch his show, so he shows his power and stays in control of the situation.

To learn how to deal with an emotionally abusive relationship, follow the below guide:

1. Take responsibility

Understand that as long as you don’t take responsibility for yourself and stop the abuse, things won’t change. If you don’t tell your partner that it is not OK to stay abusing you and that you won’t tolerate it, he will continue. Inform your partner that you won’t stay in an abusive relationship and that the abuse has to stop.

2. Visualize

Start holding visualization sessions daily. In each session, begin to see your partner talking to you in a polite, kind, and compassionate way. During your visualization, hear your partner’s voice, smell their perfume and see them in front of you. It is very crucial that you believe what you are visualizing, otherwise, your visualization will not have much power.

3. Seek professional help

If you have been in a long emotionally abusive relationship, then you might want to seek professional help. Many people are too shy to seek professional help fearing what other people are going to say about them. Realize that there is nothing wrong about asking for help, so keep that option open all the time.

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