Do you ever get irritated when someone doesn’t get what you are trying to say? Or they plainly see the situation from a different viewpoint?

Your desire is to make them understand exactly what you are trying to say or see it from your point of view and sometimes that is just not going to happen! This is where you need to take a nice timeout breath and remember the first couple of lines of the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

We are different and we all see life through a different lens, this is what makes a person unique. We have to accept difference lovingly and rise to a higher viewpoint for a harmonious space to co-exist with differences. This can occur if we kindly accept ourselves as we are and release programming and belief that somehow there is only rigid ideas and thinking. The next time you have this life experience, try to be a living example of accepting and allowing differing views. Open your mind, body and spirit to release the density of an unbending mindset and rise to a higher perspective to see harmony and co-existence. Use this link for a free 7 minute meditation to help you with this mindset:

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. is a Talk Show Radio Host, Usui Reiki master and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Practitioner, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner. She is committed to enhancing the quality of life in others by illuminating the path to self-discovery, wellness and positive living. She has a radio show that you can listen to each Tuesday on Channel, Gentle Power Radio at 3pm ET and 12pm PT.