What I often hear when reading posts on Facebook is that in social media there is no competition for certain types of entrepreneurs who are experts. That is partially true. Everyone is unique in their area of expertise and will attract various types of ideal clients. If someone is looking for your services or products right now how will you stand out and get noticed in all of the noise, and business online? Your potential clients just won’t notice you, except if you find ways to stand out in a bigger and bolder way.

When you are online and connecting with others on Facebook and you see others in your area of expertise or what is considered your competition, do you pretend they don’t exist and tell yourself:

If I just add more to my programs and services, I will improve my client attraction and they will chose to work with me.
I am an expert in a somewhat different area, so I have nothing to worry about.

I created my “like” page and I am going to wait for my client attraction to kick in so that I can just sit back and watch the money and clients roll in.

With millions of Facebook users who are entrepreneurs and more experts joining every day, how do you stand out in big way and have people be attracted to you and your message? Do you know where you measure up against your competition online? Do you know who they are, and exactly what they are an expert at? Have you ever really checked them out?

Competition can be used to work for you, so that you create enhanced products, programs and services for your ideal clients. It can motivate you to step things up and improve your game. I encourage you to think about these tips the next time you are on Facebook and believe that you have no competition:


You can’t just shoot out lame messages on Facebook, talk about what you ate for lunch and imagine that ideal clients will just magically contact you and want to work with you. You need to have a strategy online to attract your ideal clients in your business. Besides Facebook how about adding attraction marketing things like articles, tele-seminars, newsletters, speaking engagements, and other programs to create visibility and mention them on some of your posts on Facebook.


If you don’t really know who is out there and what’s going on, how can you take action? Is your competition taking some of your market share? What strengths are they bringing to the table? Where is there a weakness in what they are doing or providing? What are their online and offline marketing and media strategies? With that information, what decisions do you need to make now to improve your client attraction in your business?


How should you deal with the other experts in your niche out there? How do you measure up to them? How much money do you make serving your niche market? How many clients do you currently have? How many programs and products do you have? Start by figuring out where you are, where you want to be, how quick you are getting there, and what makes you stand out. Having a precise target market will allow you to tailor all your marketing messages to the ideal clients you want to attract in your business.


Even if you’ve chosen a niche market to focus on, you need to know what problems you can solve, or what the results and benefits clients get by working with you.


Experts with success stories, programs and products demonstrating their expertise are much more likely to stand out in a much bigger way. This isn’t a time to hide your gift and talents. Consider some joint ventures where each of you is a winner and succeeds can certainly increase your credibility.

Attraction Magnet

How do you make yourself stand out and become an attraction magnet in your business? Ideal clients will be attracted to you because you are you. When you bring your distinctive personality out in your work and marketing materials this will improve your client attraction. This will help you stand out online and offline, and attract clients because there is no one like you.
Step back a minute from Facebook and your other online and offline marketing. Do a check-in around your attitude and mindset of there being zero competition and that you just can sit back and wait for the money and clients to roll in. Instead, take a look around and see what is going on in your niche, and decide how you are going to step up your visibility and improve your client attraction.

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