How To Deal With Childless Marriage: Happy Living In A Childless Marriage

Marriage is a bonding of two people who vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives, that nothing can separate them even the hurting turbulence. Not capable to have children can be one of them. This is because the thought that a child is the main reason why we work hard and a family is not complete without children. But reality bites, not all of us are gifted with this talent, and it is the hurting truth we must face. If you are one of them, you might as well pause for a while and ponder the following:

No finger pointing. No matter who is the unlucky one, never put your blame. Acceptance is hard, but you must face reality. Nobody is perfect, and not capable of having a child is not a sin. If things would be the other way around, you would not want to be blame anyway. If you are the unlucky one, it would not help if you feel guilty and depressed. There are a lot of better things to do if you will just look around.

Accept the challenge. Leaving your spouse will mean that you are breaking your promise to love each other for better or worst. A child is not the only reason to be a marriage successful. This is the time to prove how much you love each other. Do not be afraid that no one will take care of you when you grow old. This is the obligation of your spouse, not your children.

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Utilize other gifts. You may have hidden talents that you have not discovered yet, so find them. You may have other useful capabilities that you can share to the world that parents cannot acquire. The world needs someone like you, who have all the time to dedicate to help others. All of us have a unique purpose in this planet and just waiting to be cultivated.

Enjoy each other. If you will look at the brighter side of it, you will realize that you can enjoy each other for the rest of your lives. Not all couples have enough time for each other, especially if they have a lot of children. Imagine that you can do anything you want without worrying about other responsibilities. A quite home does not mean it has a lonely family. Enjoyment has different faces, and having children is just one of them.

Never give up. Call it a miracle or whatever you want, but there are gifts that are being sent a little bit late. But you never know, it will be just right on time. Pray hard, no matter what religion you belong. Faith can move mountains and you know that. If you will be impatient, you might be blaming yourself later for a wrong decision. For the record, there are a lot of couples who had children in their late years of marriage.

A quite home does not mean that it is always peaceful. Having peace of mind means you are happy in what you have, and accepting that there are things that are not meant for you.

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Has fixing your marriage problems become more and more frustrating and causing you to want to give up trying? I bet if you had to do it all over again you feel as though you would have to think long and hard before saying yes.

Do you feel like your spouse is unwilling to change so it's either you change or fixing the problems in your marriage will be continue to be a fantasy?

Well, don't start giving up yet. It's hard to believe that your spouse doesn't want to improve your marriage and get rid of the problems. I believe your marriage will work best if both of you make some effort to repair your marriage.

The good news is that a lot of couples have been where you are and have fixed their problems and now have a wonderful marriage. The bad news is that a lot of couples did nothing and ended up separated or divorced. I'm glad you are fixing your marriage problems now, and not waiting until it's too late.

How To Start Fixing Marriage Problems Together

Plan another marriage talk - I know you are thinking "what's the use". My spouse either ignores my requests for changes or makes me feel as though I'm imagining the problems we are having. The difference is that this time you should aim for a different result.

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What you want your spouse to understand is that you are tired, lonely and losing all hope in your marriage. You shouldn't bring up divorce but your spouse needs to understand that you are both running out of time. Something is going to change, good or bad.

Have the talk in a quite and safe place - Find some quality alone time when both of you can focus on the discussion. No children, buzzing mobile devices or televisions are allowed to participate!

Let your spouse know how much you love him or her and explain why fixing your marriage problems means the world to you. Explain how you feel as though you have lost something near and dear to you because of the marriage problems and you miss being in a marriage where both of you are happy. I would also suggest that you make it clear that you are not blaming your spouse for the problems in your marriage but you certainly need his or her help to repair the marriage.

One of the keys to solving marriage problems is to communicate effectively. Your spouse probably doesn't have much to say so you need to ask open-ended questions and prod him or her for feedback. Don't be afraid to followup with why or how questions to get your spouse to open up.

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Is your marriage and in trouble? How can you fix your marriage and get it back on track? What steps need to be taken to put the spark and the love back into your relationship?

It is definitely possible to fix a broken marriage, but it will require an effort on the part of each member of the relationship. The good news is that you don't have to change your personality, but you will have to change the way you treat each other. Fixing a broken marriage will take time, but with some hard work, it can be done.

Communication is the Key

The key to fixing a broken marriage is communication. More specifically, it is the way you communicate with each other. Here, it is also vitally important to communicate in an honest way. However, in doing so, it is important that you never intentionally hurt your partner with your words. While you may feel justified to say something mean, in the end it won't accomplish anything. When fixing a broken marriage, you must be honest with each other about the problems you are facing. At the same time, you must be honest in how you are going to go about fixing those issues. Once you have fixed your marriage, you will need to continue to openly communicate with each other before any issues arise.

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Control Your Actions and Feelings

You must understand that you are both at fault for any problems in your marriage. While you might want to only blame your spouse, chances are that you have both been responsible. In order to fix a broken marriage, you must stand up and admit your shortcomings. In addition, instead of telling your spouse how they make you feel, just say how you feel without assigning any blame. The only way to repair your marriage is for both partners to take a look in the mirror and see what they have done wrong and what they can change and better about themselves going into the future.

It Will Hurt

When repairing your marriage, understand that it will hurt. No one likes to look in the mirror and realize their mistakes and shortcomings. The good news is that there is a way to change if you are willing to put in the work to do so.


Once you have realized some of the things that you have done wrong, be sure to apologize and promise that you will do a better job from that moment on. In addition, promise that the two of you will begin to communicate more openly from then on.

Get Help

Finally, if you don't believe that you can fix your marriage on your own, there is no shame in getting help. Thousands of people visit marriage counselors each year, and getting someone else's perspective will be a good way to better understand what is sabotaging your marriage. Just be sure that the two of you both want the same thing and will be willing to work together in order to save your marriage.

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The day you got married was the best day of your life. Therefore, it is sad to hear that your marriage is in trouble. But you should not lose hope as your situation is definitely reversible. There are a few ways to save your marriage and you can apply them right away.

1. Learn to compromise. When each of you wants to stick to your own ideas and perspective, there will be arguments. A blissful marriage requires that the both of you learn to compromise each other. Sometimes, many things in life are not as important at the end of the day. Try to give and take. This is the way to keep a marriage going.

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2. Learn to communicate openly. Open communication is important in a marriage. Try to communicate openly and more often. Usually, arguments and misunderstandings arise because there is a lack of communication. When there is a problem, talk to each other nicely and try to solve the problem.

3. Spend more time together. When we are together with our love ones for too long, we tend to take things for granted. We don't spend so much time together anymore. This will make your spouse feels that they are not being cared and loved for anymore. So, always remember to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. Some ways to make your spouse feel loved again are: surprising them with gifts, going for holidays together, taking them out for a romantic candle light dinner, etc.

Remember, your situation is not hopeless. By following the 3 tips above, you can definitely save your marriage.

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