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You can’t please everybody—even your customers. There will be times when your ears will be burning from a lot of nasty phone calls from irate customers. However, these situations should not dampen your spirit. In fact, you should consider them an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service. You can definitely rise above the disappointments and frustrations.

Here are some things you can do to better manage your angry customers:

1. Know that it’s not really you. You may definitely hear customers cursing at you for such a bad service, but you should know that deep down they are more frustrated on the system or the product or service they received. Simply put, they are not angry at you. That should be already enough to calm you down and learn to understand their predicament.

2. Listen intently. Your customers should be treated like friends—that is, if one of your friends feels sad or disappointed over something, you give him or her your listening ear. You should listen very closely to everything your customer is saying. If it helps you remember, you should take down some notes.

3. Never interrupt. You really don’t want people to cut you off when you’re talking, do you? This is especially true if you want to express everything that you’re feeling. If the customer starts to talk, just listen and never interrupt. Occasionally you can say “Okay” just to let him or her know that you’re still on the other line.

4. Breathe in and out. If you feel your blood boiling and the claims are getting into your nerves, take very deep breaths. You can bring the receiver a little farther from your mouth and nose to avoid being detected. You can also do this after the customer has finished talking.

By breathing, you take a momentary pause and prevent yourself from saying something you will regret very soon. It will also relax your nerves, making your head much cooler and yourself calmer.

5. Be knowledgeable. Most of these customers don’t just call to vent out. They also want solutions done to their problems. To be of great help, you should be knowledgeable on what you’re doing. Study several training materials. Learn more online.

6. Don’t pretend. Don’t lengthen their agony. If you feel they have talked to the wrong person or you cannot solve the case on your own, transfer him or her to someone who can help the customer the most.

7. Utilize some subliminal messages. How can subliminal messages be helpful to you in dealing with angry customers? The subliminal messages can help ease your mind. They can also change the way you see things. Subliminal messages such as “I value my relationship with my customers” or “I have the ability to provide quality service” can definitely inspire and motivate you to do the best you can to help out and not get affected by other people’s frustrations and anger. You can recite the subliminal messages before reporting to work or during breaks.

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