If you could actually see all of the etheric cords coming out of your body, it would look like something from a sci-fi movie. Etheric cords are simply energetic connections that form between people. The connections can be healthy or unhealthy. You can connect a cord to someone without their permission and vice versa. If you interact with people in any way in your business, then you’re bound to have a negative client. Although the two of you may part ways physically, you are still bound to them energetically. Negative cord attachments can cause you to become unbalanced, block your energy source to the Universe, feel fatigued, and much more. This is why you must cut cords with negative clients.

One way to cut cords with negative clients is to visualize. This can be done through meditation or you can close your eyes for a few minutes. Either way, you’ll want to visualize your body with cords coming out of it. You may only see one or several. Whatever you see is fine. There’s no right or wrong here. Take a few deep breaths so that you can clearly see and feel into where the negative cords are. Next, see yourself cutting the cords and removing them from the root. You can visualize a pair of hedge cutters, scissors, or any tool you like. I prefer to invite in Archangel Michael to do this healing work. His cord cutting sword is perfect and works like a charm.

Clearing and healing your chakras is another way to cut cords with negative clients. Your chakras are energy centers. Healthy cords connect heart chakra to heart chakra. On the other hand, unhealthy cords often connect heart chakra to solar plexus chakra. Energy vampires love to go here to drain your Life Force energy. You may also have unhealthy cords attached to your root, spleen, heart, brow, throat, hand, and foot chakras. You can do karate chops over your solar plexus chakra (upper belly area) to remove cords. I know some people that grab hold of a cord and yank it out like a weed in a garden. Invite your angelic team in to clear your chakras of anything that is not of divine love and replace it with divine light.

Lastly, you can perform a cord cutting ceremony. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Your intention is the main ingredient. An intention is simply focused thought powered by the heart and emotion. During your ceremony you can light a candle, write your intention on a piece of paper, and say a prayer from your heart. You can even burn the piece of paper to symbolize the burning of the negative cord. Again, do whatever feels right for you.

Cord cutting doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be done. The size and depth of the cords can vary. As a result, you may have to cut the same cord multiple times in various ways. Unhealthy cord connections can be harmful to you energetically, emotionally, and physically. Once a cord is truly removed, you’ll feel lighter and free. Unfortunately, it’s possible that an etheric cord can reattach itself. If it does, you’ll be ready.

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