These days our computers are more or less like our life and has all our information stored in it. Starting from our photographs to our resume, our official documents to our bank statements, everything is stored in our computer. We have hundreds of folders all over the computer and they all look similar. You must be wondering if there was a way you could change the way these folder appears so that it could be a bit easier for us to browse and look for the information stored in them.

I always wanted to have all my family photographs under the icon of a camera, but unfortunately they have always been in a dull yellow folder which looks so similar to other ones that it may end up getting confused. On top if you name two folders with similar names which I always end up doing as my first name, it becomes a nightmare.
There has been a solution though and it is very simple. I will let you know the steps. To be honest you don’t need to need to upgrade to Window 7 or Windows Vista it work like a charm in Windows XP.

There may be two type of folders first may be a simple folder and the second one may be a short cut. There is not much of a difference in two of them but lest deal them separately. Also make sure you are logged in as an administrator.
For the Shortcut folder please right click in the folder and then please select the properties. Now look for the tab shortcut, and then click on the one that says Change Icon. Now chose the icon you want to choose from and it should work for you.
For changing the icon for the folder please right click on it and then choose the properties tab and then please click on the Customizable tab. Once you open the customizable tab please click on the once that change icon at the bottom. Thus should bring option for the image. You can choose any one of those from the list and it should work for you.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you in making the folder more relevant. In case you think you need to further customize the folder appearance you can also use any of you own image in the thumbnail so that it can give you an idea what it contains. Please right click and then choose the properties and then customizable tab. Then please click on the one that says choose picture under folder picture. Now browser the location of the image and then click ok apply then OK.

I hope this should work for you.

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