Panic attacks are characterized by episodes of extreme apprehension, worry, and fear. This phenomenon, up to this date cannot be explained by exact science. Therefore, medical experts can only provide remedies and relative cure and not absolute treatments. Usually, anxiety attacks occur too suddenly and it can occur for a few minutes up to several hours. According to those who have experienced it for themselves, it can be compared to an unwanted situation that they cannot escape from. Therefore, it is important for everyone, sufferers or not, to have enough knowledge on how to cure panic attacks.

Steps in Overcoming the Symptoms Of Panic Attacks
If you are already experiencing the symptoms of anxiety attacks, it is important to fight it off. The following is a step by step approach on how to cure panic attack before it fully sets in:

1. Do everything you can to feel tensions of all sorts on your shoulders. Feeling the tension is a good thing - at least your shoulders are not feeling numb.
2. Alternately, try to gradually relax and tense all large muscle groups in your body. For example, tighten your right thigh muscle, breath in deeply, hold it for a while, and then relax. Do it on your other leg. Remember to relax other body parts that are not involved. Make sure to work on a single group of muscle at a time.
3. Gradually slow down the pace of your breathing. Doing it through your lips can be very helpful in terms of controlling your breathing. This can help in controlling all the other symptoms of panic attacks.
4. One of the most reassuring ways is telling yourself that you can get though the attack. Reaffirm to yourself that the feeling might be crazy but you far from going crazy.

If in case the symptoms do not subside, make sure to seek medical attention.

How to Cure Panic Attacks: Prevention and Quick Remedies
Most anxiety attacks can be well handled by anyone even within the confines of the victim's home. However, it is important to have enough knowledge on the symptoms of panic attacks. Experience is usually necessary so as to successfully point out the difference between anxiety attacks and other serious illnesses with similar symptoms (e.g. heart attack). The following are the usually recommended ways on how to cure anxiety attacks, consisting mainly of prevention and quick remedies:

• Prevention of usage of illicit drugs, caffeine, and alcohol because these can make matters worse for victims for panic attacks. This step should always be followed by the patient if he or she really intends to be of assistance to his or her own recovery from the condition. Most patients are also encouraged to lead an active lifestyle, engage in aerobic exercises, and follow techniques on stress management and deep breathing. Getting involved in such activities can decrease the occurrence of anxiety attacks.
• In most cases, a paper bag might be helpful in alleviating the condition. Breathing into the paper bag, however, is not an absolute treatment since most experts agree that it is more of a placebo effect. Panic can subside by the mere thought that a paper bag is a solution. Therefore, panic attacks can be put to a halt if you can successfully employ the mind over matter technique.

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