Menstrual problem is one among the commonly found health disorders in women. Irregularity of menstrual cycle in women may occur as temporary or as permanent. Depending upon the cause and occurrence of problem, irregularity in menstrual cycle is divided into versatile types like dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, oilgomenorrhea and amenorrhea. Symptoms shown by a person suffering from menstrual problem vary from one person to another. Common symptoms shown as a result of menses problem include irritability, back ache, bloating, acne and food cravings. Herbal supplement is found to be very beneficial for the treatment of menstrual problems. Prolonged result with zero adverse action on user is one among the main advantages of using herbal cures. Following are some among the best recommended cures for the treatment of menstrual problems.

Sesame seed is an effective cure used for the treatment of menstrual problems. Those women suffering from menstrual aches are advised to drink a cup of warm water added with sesame seeds twice per day. Patients those who have regular painful periods are recommended to use this herbal cure two days prior to expected period time. Ginger is another important cure used for the treatment of menses problems. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of menses problems. Ginger is found to be very beneficial for preventing the risk of painful menstruation and stoppage of menstrual flow. For attaining fast results, patients are advised to drink a cup of ginger juice after every meal.

Bark extract of ashoka tree is a natural cure prescribed for relieving the risks of menstrual problems. Intake of this herbal supplement is an excellent remedial measure for excessive blood loss due to uterine fibroids. It is a common ingredient used for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. Bark, seeds and flower parts of plant are mainly used for the preparation of supplements. Preventing menstrual cramps, relieving depression, preventing bleeding hemorrhoids and curing menorrhagia are other health benefits of using ashoka bark extract.

Consuming a mixture of dried mint leaves and honey is an excellent cure for menses problems. It is found to be very effective for relieving painful cramps during menstrual time. Curing dysmenorrhea is another advantage of using this herbal mixture. Apart from relieving menstrual problems, use of mint leaves and honey also helps in preventing headaches, curing acne and reducing free radical mechanism. Drinking vegetable juice is a safe remedial measure for alleviating the risk of menstrual problems. Carrot, parsely, beet and cucumber juice are some among the best recommended vegetable juices for relieving menstrual cramps. Consuming these vegetable juices improves the functioning of muscle walls of uterus and enables proper blood flow.

Maintaining well balanced diet schedule is a natural remedial measure suggested for curing fatigue due to menstrual problems. Patients are advised to include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals in their diet. It is also advised to avoid other sugary and processed food items from their diet. Chamomile, tomato juice, Bengal gram, parsley, banana flower, safflower and unripe papaya are other effective cures for menstrual problems.

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