Excessive precum can interrupt the lovemaking activity and wipe away fun and pleasure completely that is why people seek a cure to this problem. Secretion of precum is a natural process which occurs to work as a lubricant as well as to facilitate the movement of sperms for fertilization. But when occurring in large quantity it is a symptom of disorders in male reproductive system which can create various types of problems like PE and ED. Natural methods are the best ways to cure excessive precum to avoid complications and lead a happy love life.

Large part of the semen is produced by prostrate gland and sperms constitute only 2-3% of total ejaculation, a part of the seminal fluids produced by prostrate gland is released as precum which is a white shiny fluid and slippery in texture. When a person has congested prostrate gland or weak parasympathetic nerve the flow of precum is more in quantity than required which can even dull the stiffness of male reproductive organ or cause an early ejaculation to disrupt the activity. This problem needs to be cured at an early stage to prevent other complications later.

There are many herbs which can cure the root cause of the problem causing excessive precum naturally to resolve the situation. Shilajit is one of those herbs which are used in curing various disorders related to reproductive system and over all health. This herb is rich source of essential and vital nutrients which are not easily available through healthy diet and needed by the body to run the systems smoothly. This herb is capable of curing all sorts of weaknesses and providing a male with youthful energy and vigor and is also excellent in curing the problem of excessive precum by improving prostrate health and strengthening nervous system of the body.

Ashwagandha or withania somnifera is another herb which is very useful in curing the problem of excessive precum. This herb promotes blood flow equally to all parts of the body and particularly to reproductive system which smoothens the functioning of all the organs, strengthens nervous system and tissues to cure the weaknesses causing problems like excessive precum. It is also very good for mental health of an individual. Safed Musli is another Ayurvedic herb which has magical properties to elevate physical health of a male and removes weaknesses in the reproductive system. Use of this herb is very helpful in curing the problem of excessive precum as it can treat weak parasympathetic nerve, relieve congested prostrate gland and promote blood flow in the reproductive system of a male to ensure ample energy and strength for proper functioning.

Males suffering with the problem of excessive precum shall avoid eating bitter and spicy foods. Increased intake of bottle gourd is highly recommended to support the effects of herbs for curing the problem of excessive precum. Fenugreek seeds mixed with honey also help immensely in treating the problem. Curtailing down the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco to minimum and increased intake of curd is very beneficial to cure the problem of excessive precum by natural methods.

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