Early discharge of semen wipes away the fun and pleasure of the lovemaking and also hurts a male's self esteem badly, there are effective ways to cure the problem and enhance performance. Weakening of parasympathetic nerve, congestive prostatitis and lack of emotional control are primary causes of early discharge of semen. People involved in poor sexual behavior, poor lifestyle and suffering with diseases which harm nerves and functioning of internal organs mostly suffer with this problem. Naturally alleviating the disorders and removing weaknesses and deficiencies of the body is the best way to cure early discharge of semen as it does not cast any ill effect on health and provide holistic treatment.

Use of herbs can cure the weakness in parasympathetic nerve which is responsible for keeping semen locked during normal activity and also during sexual activity. The lack of energy in this nerve allows semen to flow out easily or on slight arousal which causes semen discharge. Herbs can reenergize this nerve to allow it to perform well and increase the duration of performance of a male. Due to poor sexual behavior prostrate gland may get swelled or prostrate capsule is full of seminal fluids which flow out on slight arousal causing early discharge of semen, herbs can remove swelling and congestion to cure the problem.

Herbs are beneficial to improve even emotional health of a male and promote better control over his emotions which allows a male to keep his excitement level under control for longer duration and prevent early discharge of semen during lovemaking activity. Lack of hormonal secretion also wipes away charge of parasympathetic nerve to cause early discharge of semen, herb can restore proper hormonal balance and initiate secretion of vital hormones like testosterone to cure the problem.

Shilajit provides very dependable and complete treatment to cure this problem of discharge of semen effectively. This herb supplements the body with essential nutrients and minerals, maintains proper hormonal secretion, improves energy levels, enhance functioning of systems and organs of the body and improve stamina and vigor. This herb is famous for providing youthful energy and health and is capable of keeping a person young forever. Mucuna Pruriens promotes hormonal secretion and improves physical stamina and strength. Optimum secretion of hormones like testosterone keep a male’s nervous system recharged and reproductive system in upbeat condition to cure the problems like early discharge of semen.

Ashwagandha is another very beneficial herb which can alleviate various disorders and ailments and promote sound mental and physical health. Its effects enhance sexual performance of a male by many times and also provide mental clarity and alertness to stay away from stress, anxiety and depression which also contribute in causing problem of early discharge of semen.

Effects of the herbs can be supported by healthy lifestyle and supportive diet. Exercising regularly, meditation, breathing exercises, massages with herbal oils and staying away from unwanted sexual stimulations can cure the problem of early discharge of semen along with the use of herbs very quickly. Increased intake of water, fruit juices, fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic, peanuts, sea foods and soybean products constitute very supportive diet to cure the problem of early discharge of semen.

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