How To Cure Agoraphobia Naturally: Treatment For Agoraphobia With Panic Disorder

Agoraphobia is the fear of open or public places, and can turn life into a waking nightmare. You are afraid to leave your house and you live in constant fear of the next panic attack. Your heart beats out of control. You feel like you can't catch your breath. You sweat and you shake. You live every day wondering if you are dying or going crazy.

Agoraphobia can literally stop your life, vastly limit your ability to function at school or work, and take away your freedom to do the things you enjoy or spend time with the people you love.

If you suffer from agoraphobia, there are two things you should know right now.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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First, you are not alone. Approximately 3.2 million Americans live in the shadow of agoraphobia, and even more worldwide.

Second, there is HOPE for recovery from agoraphobia. In fact, there are proven techniques to successfully treat agoraphobia - even without professional help. In fact, 90% of people with agoraphobia who practice cognitive-behavioral therapy experience significant improvement in just 12-16 weeks.

I know this because I lived through the pain of agoraphobia - and recovered. Based on my personal experience with agoraphobia and my master's degree in psychology, here are -

7 Keys to Freedom from Agoraphobia:

1. Develop a relaxation reflex. Condition yourself to associate a state of total body relaxation with a cue word. Then, when a panic attack strikes, you can say your cue word and your body will respond with relaxation.

2. Take baby steps. Overcoming your fears can seem overwhelming, but not if you take it one small step at a time. You can unlearn the fear response with a technique called systematic desensitization, which involves facing your fears in small increments. This technique, according to research, is the most powerful way to treat agoraphobia.

3. Find a purpose greater than your fear. It can be hard to find the motivation to do the hard work of recovery from agoraphobia, but not if you find a passion in life that makes fear irrelevant.

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4. Change the diet of your mind. Become intentional about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Practicing positive thoughts will be like taking an emotional vitamin that will keep your mind from getting sick (with fear).

5. Change the pictures in your mind. Harnessing the creative power of your imagination and making it work for you is a key to freedom from agoraphobia. Since the right brain can't tell the actual from the imagined, by changing the pictures in your mind, you can change the picture of your real life.

6. Transform worry into powerful source of motivation to take action. Worry is a state when your mind is in action and your body is not. The trick to overcoming worry is to reverse the equation, and to get your body into action. When you take action in the present moment, worry tends to fade.

7. Take responsibility for your own recovery. My real recovery from agoraphobia began when I stopped looking all around me for the answer and looked inside myself. I made the decision to stop expecting someone or something to fix me and took responsibility for my own recovery. The day I made this decision I was on the road to freedom from agoraphobia.

Recovery from agoraphobia is just a matter of having reliable information and applying it on a consistent basis. That's all that stands between you and freedom - between the prison of agoraphobia and the ability to live a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

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If you are trying to get over shyness, then it can be a challenging process. It's about more than "pulling yourself" together or other over simplistic advice of that nature.

The first thing to help you get over shyness it to try and sit down and confront the reasons as to why you have that level of inhibition or fear. This in itself is not that easy a task - does it go back to childhood failure, or one specific occasion, or just something less definable. Sitting down with a piece of paper and just drawing patterns or chains might surprise you and give you something to tackle.

The second part of helping yourself to get over shyness it to make a full commitment to attack the problem. Motivation can come and go. The pain of an unhappy encounter at a party or something similar can cause an immediate desire to tackle your shyness, but as the pain subsides that desire can ebb away. Shyness can affect you in work, in your social life, at almost every level. Make an attack on it your first priority - even if it's tough in the short term - and you are much more likely to get results.

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The third short term think you can do to get over shyness in the short term and help overcome those symptoms of fear that arrive is through controlling your breathing. Genuine deep breaths from the diaphragm will help tackle the physical symptoms by slowing heart rate. This is a tricky art but it can be learnt through standing up, putting one hand on your stomach and the other on the upper chest. Breathe out for roughly five seconds so the stomach contracts in. Hold that pose for a couple of seconds, then relax the stomach and allow a small breath in for less than five seconds. Then repeat.

This exercise will allow you to get your breathing right if you need it in times of stress. It won't solve everything, but it may help you be more calm and help you in some way to get over shyness.

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Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder can be successful, but only if you stick to some fundamental guidelines. One of these fundamental guidelines that should always be followed is to "surround yourself with recovery." The concept of "surrounding yourself with recovery" is probably new to you, but in a few minutes you'll fully understand this concept, and more importantly, you'll understand how to stick to this fundamental guideline and cause your recovery to go into overdrive.

So, to best understand "surrounding yourself with recovery" we need to look at its opposite, which I'll call "surrounding yourself with negativity." "Surrounding yourself with negativity" is when the majority of your time is spent on the negative side of your generalized anxiety disorder - this would include being around other people with anxiety problems, visiting forums and websites about anxiety, and even reading books on how to overcome your anxiety.

All these things cause your mind to stay locked on your generalized anxiety disorder. And worse still, you begin to feel the weight of other people's anxiety problems too, simply by spending time reading about or listening to their own stories of anxiety. This is "surrounding yourself with negativity," and it can be very damaging, and in some cases it can completely halt your progress towards overcoming your anxiety-related problems.

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So if that's "surrounding yourself with negativity," then what's "surrounding yourself with recovery?"

Well, it's simply avoiding everything that I outlined above: so stop talking to too many others who are suffering with anxiety right now, stop visiting forums and message boards that focus solely on suffering with anxiety, and stop reading books that focus on your anxiety as it is right now.

Just stopping these things will solve the problem of "surrounding yourself with negativity."

But how do you "surround yourself with recovery?"

You do the opposite of everything you've been doing up to this point.

So instead of being around people who are also suffering with anxiety right now, you surround yourself with people who once suffered with anxiety but are now better. Instead of visiting forums and message boards that are full of people who are also suffering with anxiety, visit forums and message boards that are full of people who've had generalized anxiety disorder and beaten it.

Instead of reading books that concentrate on how to beat your anxiety, try reading books written by people who've already had anxiety and beaten it. Doing these simple things will get you away from "surrounding yourself with negativity" and take you firmly into the land of "surrounding yourself with recovery." And you'll be in immediately better shape, and immediately put yourself on a far more healthy path that leads towards recovery.

After all, we tend to get what we think of or focus on. So doesn't it makes sense to put all your energy and attention on people who've been where you are now and turned everything around?

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Extreme shyness is undoubtedly socially and psychologically crippling for people and can stop them leading fulfilled, happy lives. Tackling extreme shyness is difficult but there are some ways that you can alleviate the problem and the symptoms.

For long lasting change, the first thing that has to be done is to examine the fundamental reasons for your extreme shyness. Try sitting down with a pen and paper and putting "Shyness" in the middle of the page. Then add some arrows and write things that link with your shyness. Gradually you will almost form a flow chart as the different strands of your shyness link up. This should help you identify some common themes. Once you have done that, then you have a much better idea of how to tackle the problem and finding the underlying causes.

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A second thing to try is just working on your social skills in what you might call "consequence free" situations. If part of you shyness is a worry about rejection or looking foolish, then imagine those times when you are out shopping. You might bump into people - not literally - by freezer cabinets and of course you will go to the checkout. These people will be in and out of your life before you know it - so exchanging a few words with the cashier, or someone next to you, has few risks. You don't have to see them again for the rest of the evening as if you were at a party.

My final suggestion for dealing with extreme shyness is trying to be brave when making eye contact. Most people will look away naturally, so don't assume if that happens you have somehow "failed." That is instinctive. If the person makes further eye contact with you, then you have succeeded.

Hopefully these small ideas will give you some ideas as to how to nibble away at your extreme shyness.

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