It is generally observed that most web design companies are really good at offering specialist services for templates, graphic design, internet marketing or search engine positioning for client’s prospective development but lack in delivering all of them. To create a user-centred web design, making it truly obvious and effortless, is not as easy as it sounds. An effective website is one which has a user-centred design rewarding site owners with loyal customers and increased referrals over time. The goal of any website is to keep the visitors glued to its web pages and effortlessly show visitors all the gems that the site has in offer and successfully calling customer’s action. The most important sign of successful websites are their content which is engaging, relevant and appropriate to the audience. Content is the most critical element of a website and its more important than even navigation, visual design, functionality and interactivity. In making the content attractive and catchy, the essence of it should not be lost. The web designer should use all available resources to better understand users’ requirements and build a website that produce better user performance and higher user preferences. Some web designing companies claim to have the best graphic designers and others claim they are SEO experts when their own websites are still nowhere seen on the major search engines. In order to have a high profitability of being accessed, the website should feature in ‘top 30’ references presented from a major search engine. Nowadays, Flash based animation skills are in huge demand along with various features like interactive banner, stunning headers and animated adverts. Using parallel design where several developers and designers independently propose designs and then choose and use the best element from each design also ensures efficiency of the website. Brand Web Direct is a leading web design company servicing both local and international clients. Whether it’s a small scale local based business, a nationwide corporation or an international organization Brand Web Direct is the perfect solution for everyone’s need. If your company’s website fail to create an impact or influence your visitors, its time you call Brand Web Direct. Not only can we can get your web site on the top of the search engines but also make your website rich and unique in content and turn potential customers into long term clients.

Creating mobile websites is our latest offering to our clients who need a mobile version of their websites. It has been our most popular service offering recently. With our mobile web development services, we now have a global clientele for our mobile website design service.

We offer high quality mobile web design and development services to help you reach your targeted customers easily. Mobile websites will make it easier for customers to access your business information or your products and services offered, much easily on any mobile browser. The key is "TO-REACH-FURTHER"
To beat the competition, you need to have, not only physical presence, but ensure that your business is present in as many online channels as possible. What could be a better channel than reaching out to customers on their personal mobile phones, with our expert mobile app development services.

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Dexter is a passionate Internet Website Design enthusiast who spends most of his time in helping Website Designer small and medium business enterprises to grow and multiply their potential. When he is not staring into the computer he is either reading books or out doing adventure sports.