One of the ways to play a much bigger game in marketing your business and really leverage what you’re doing right now is speaking. Speaking is one of the best ways to leverage yourself in your marketing because instead of talking one-to-one, you’re now talking one-to-many. Instead of marketing one-to-one, you’re now marketing one-to-many. That is the ultimate leverage.

There are two ways to speak. You can hold your own seminars and conferences or you can be a speaker for a group that has already assembled your ideal clients for you and you just come in and speak. But either way there is one thing that you need either to fill your room or to get booked to speak and that is a compelling signature talk title. When you have a compelling signature talk title, it is the one thing that will fill your room.

Many people spend a lot of time with their content but their signature talk title is an afterthought. I want you to think about reversing that. Obviously you want to give good content in your actual talk but before the person is deciding whether to come to the talk or not, they really need to be compelled by your talk title.

I would recommend that you spend quite a bit of time creating a signature talk title that will have somebody say, “Wow! That’s exactly what I need. I’m going to cancel my Tuesday evening dinner plans with my friends to come and see this person speak.” It should be so compelling that even you would want to go even though you’re already an expert at what you do.

In the same vein when you’re booked to speak by a promoter or an event planner, the signature talk title is the thing that they will decide whether or not they will hire you to come and speak.

How do you create a compelling signature talk title, something that will make somebody hire you or come to hear you speak? I believe that your talk title should provide the answer to your ideal clients’ biggest struggle. So if your ideal clients’ biggest struggle is to attract clients, like my clients come to me for that or to leverage their business, then you want to put that in your signature talk title.

So the way I want you to think about this is what would your ideal client do anything and pay anything to have perhaps to increase or decrease, to acquire, to let go of? What would they do anything and pay anything for? What are their biggest struggles, the biggest challenges that they have. Once you’ve written it down, turn it into a signature talk title by perhaps saying, “How to.”

If your best client has trouble growing their hair: “How to stop the balding and get more hair.” Then if you want to make it even more interesting, “In 30 days or less,” or “In 6 months or less,” or “Within the next 12 months,” or “In half the time.” The idea is that the minute that your ideal client sees this they will say, “Oh my God! I have got to attend!”

That is your assignment for the week is creating your compelling signature talk title.

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