Webinars are not anything new in businesses and it has been going on for years. With years of being applied in businesses, there are now many ways on how to create webinars successfully. But just because you created a webinar does not necessarily guarantee its success.
It takes a lot of practice to get an effective “how to create webinars” that can close more business. Expect that there are tools you need to invest in, strategies for success and adjustments to be made based on prospective clients that attend your webinar.
Here are some shared best practices on how to create webinars that close more business.

1. A clear plan
When planning a webinar, it is important that you give a direct approach to what is it that you want to achieve out of your webinar. You may adapt these few tips:
• Find your audience’ main points.
• Use the power of your own experience thru storytelling
• Lay out a solution to your audience
• Reveal possible gains to your audience
• Insert sales pitch in between which will not be overly promotional yet boosts audience interest in your business.

2. Draft your actual webinar
When you are done brainstorming, you need to create a good concept to entice your audience or possible clients. Take advantage of technology as it generates results afterwards.
Keynotes, when applied to the slide presentation, can focus on making things simpler as possible, while it delivers the right amount of content. Applying keynotes can be a great tool so that your attendees won’t miss anything without making your presentation text-heavy. Be careful that it won’t make your slides too shortened that audience might feel they are wasting their time. Create a perfect balance.

3. Choose the best platform

After preparing your outline and slide presentation, pick a webinar hosting platform. There are plenty of platforms to choose from, such as ClickMeeting, EasyWebinar, GotoWebinar and many more. All of them comes with their own feature and price points.

4. Focusing on the details.

Even if you have top-notch content, when you have small details such as audio, it can still make or break your webinar. It is one of the major reason as to why you need to invest in a high-quality microphone. A recommended microphone that delivers great sound is Rode Podcaster plugs directly into your computer with a USB and it is very easy to set up.

5. Practice your webinar

One of the best practices on how to create webinars is to always plan your webinar. Do not just hope that you will get the best out of your presentation, and expect your attendees not to notice your lack of preparation.
Indeed, webinars have become a serious way to produce money for people around the world. It is not easier to generate cash through this powerful forum.
Since the launching of this new medium, it provided a wide array of channels for building and generating an income leveraged as an entrepreneur’s primary source of income.
Creating a webinar converts attendees as long as you take ample planning and organizing your thoughts and invest in some high-quality technologies. Also, have a concrete plan of action that aims to solve the targeted audience’ most pressing concerns.

How to create Webinars to Create a Revenue Stream

1. Promote Product Demo
People sometimes don’t know what they need or what they are looking for until they have seen a demo. Demos provide a brand to choose from and many sources that can influence their buying needs and decision making.
Today’s customer seeks on products thru demo webinars that provide applied experience where the prospective clients can see what they could possibly gain by asking questions, and garner more insights than they would from a marketing slogan or brochures.

There is an abundance of competition regardless of any niches you are in. Promoting product demo allow potential clients to choose by comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantage of each product offer and reach and educate customers into decision making.

2. Coaching Calls

In the marketing field, many are struggling to get by or see their expected outcome. When knowledgeable in making and hosting webinars, use a forum as a platform to sell coaching calls that have minimum 30-60 minutes.

This method has proven to generate a significant income, and helps builds trust from your audience. Leveraging this technique allows turning your customers into brand advocates who can then help increase in spreading the word of your awesome products and services.

3. Sell Your Online Course or Website

Don’t give away your knowledge and expertise for free. Improve the skillsets of others and cultivate their experiences through online courses.

Use webinars as a format and a tool to promote online courses or you could use a dedicated platform for teaching online sessions.

This method might give the people the opportunity to pay in exchange for a valuable knowledge that can possibly help them build a business, become a better entrepreneur or whatever other skill they can learn more about,
You could also use the same approach to selling membership programs where people can access premium content and can have interaction from you, or even interact with others who have the same insights and goals and can learn tons of mo0re valuable lesson along the way.

The best part of these tactics is that experts can vest more interest in promoting your products and services. This helps introduce your personal brand to a whole new audience that can obtain subscriptions which can then expand your sales quota.


Webinars are a powerful format known to generate significant income. Apply and leverage the expertise you have learned and worked hard to obtain through the various methods mentioned. In this way, you just found a very reliable stream of knowledge for your business.
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