(These are the words to go on a yet to be published poster, the third in a series of six in a Page of Truth Wall Chart Poster series. No image has been decided upon for its back ground.)

The God Effect is what happens when a person directs energy into a to be healed site, weather that be a person, a part of a person, an animal, a plant, or any inorganic matter wherein that material is changed into a more perfect structure, perfect in that its functional abilities are improved in a very short amount of time, in the time that the person is directing their energy into the to be healed site. Here you will learn how to create and give the God Effect in your life. You will learn how to perform miracles.

To create moments of the God Effect in your energy transmissions, as in giving a blessing to someone, or object of your love, is first understood functionally as follows: You direct your energy to a to be healed site and ask it to return to its best performance level while actually sending your energy to it. If you can not create such a change for the better then you can transform your energy by purifying it by making it perfectly in tune with God. This can be tested, practiced and perfected in you using your sense of vision. To make your energy in alignment with Universal energy or God, known by its intelligence to heal, as the healing is needed, is to unify all your experiences, memories, and images of self into a unified picture of perfection as the sight of your inner light lead you to find. Light becomes the perfect pathway to keep you on the right road to your wholeness, to your oneness, to your supercharged self.

So we have our pathway, to see inner light. Begin by becoming comfortable, and with eyes closed so no external light may get into your vision, as in, wear a black sleeping mask, look straight ahead, in the distance, front and center for a small brilliant light that blinks at you at first, then appears from moments at a time. Look long and hard for your inner light. Most people will find many thoughts of self creep into your awareness which will rob you of the benefit of this effort. Let your mind work out problems that become revealed do to this inner work but do not stop there. Perfecting this phase of the effort can sober up a drunken person in 5 minutes or so. Once you can see your inner light front and center in your visual screen with eyes closed then begin to draw it closer and closer to you. The you that is doing the looking is called your observer self. These two places, your inner light point and your observer self have a distance between them. Your goal now is to make them one and the same place so no distance is between them. When you can do this, you will begin to have the God Effect alive in your life. You will have the best experience known to humankind and it will be good, not only for you but for all you share yourself.

To better remember your goal in your effort and practice here is a saying that points the way home: to the degree you merge your observer self with your self image projections is to the degree you will obtain the God Effect. So with all your spiritual might, look without physical effort for your inner light, let it grow in you as you unify your thoughts and behaviors. Eventually you will merge with it in total wherein you can enjoy your new radiance and new effect it has on you and those around you.

Page Three, 1st Edition, in the A Page of Truth, wall chart poster series. Published by Balance Books. MCL Copyright 2010 3hcompany.com.

Author's Bio: 

Michael C. Longo, an inventor, writer, researcher in the psychology of enlightenment, aviator/builder, auto mechanic, day trader.

Born in Columbus Ohio in 1952 now resides in Hemet California.

After discharge from the Army, Longo spent 2 years in deep meditation. His peak point happened when he became a ball of light. Being in total touch with his energy he then sent out to find a way to teach the same to others so the result would one day be accepted by science. His first book is the result, Shining Like the Sun.

Longo has received one patent to date on a chair that produces feeling of floatation and seeks another that multiplies the lifting ability of and airplane wing and improves the efficiency of wind turbine propeller blades. Founded the 3 H Company designed to help create paradise on earth by advancing products services and events that give this experience now.

Longo loves to fly planes and study how something moves through a medium such as air and water.

Longo’s life long dream is for all people to be able to consider both side of an issue as it relates to all people before passing judgment on anything. Life exists within the union of opposites