“Fortunate, indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can use.” – Peter Latham

What is the balance of life? What does the balance of life mean to you? Is the balance of life the same to everyone? I believe that if I ask one hundred people, I would have one hundred answers or more. Everyone has different points of view of what it is like due to his origin, social status and life experiences, character and personality, family background and breeding environment, and ethnic background or religion, etc. Balance can be defined in many ways and has no so-called model answers or correct model answers. It is just unique and fits for you.
To make it work and succeed, you have to try to see the whole picture and put it on a daily schedule. Here are some tips that I would use and suggest for getting started on striking your sense of balance:
1. Define and Find the Meaning of Balance of Life
Many people find it difficult to create or have a balanced life because they have no idea of what it is or how to achieve it to make themselves feel calm and peace in mind.
First of all, you need to think it over clearly about what “BALANCE OF LIFE” means to you and define it. You need to find out what really bothers you, annoys you or even causes sleeplessness, lack of concentration and changes appetite. By looking at yourself more deeply, you would identify what affects you most and what you really want.
• The 7 Key Elements of a Balanced Life
A balanced life is divided into two aspects: internal and external and 7 elements: mind, heart, health, work, social relationship, family, fun. As life changes, each of them would have a different meaning to you as well. You should try to understand these essential elements and how they affect you so that you can strike a balance among these factors. Whatever your elements of achieving a sense of balance in life are, just keep in mind and pay attention to them. These would become your personal guideline and provides a blueprint of practical steps to direct you towards creating and keeping the balance of life.
• Set Priorities for Your To-do List
Write down your to-do list, divide the items of the list into different categories and prioritize them in order of time, importance or even money, etc. Be specific about what really matters to you. With this understanding, we can prioritize these items from “the very important” to “the unimportant” to clarify the situation and to define your values with great clarity. It helps you more easily to choose and make the correct decision about what to do first and lead you to the right path and stay on course**.**
• Set Your Smart Goals and Create an Action Plan and a Timeline to Take Action
After setting priorities, to stay on the right course**, I strongly recommend that you should set goals which give you the whole picture and direction of what to do with focus. It keeps you closer and closer to** moving toward to balance. More, you should create an action plan with steps that need to be taken and a timeline to meet the goals so that you can get the best results possible. Moreover, review your progress and adjust your action plans weekly or monthly to see how they exactly will meet goals or deadline.
• Deal with One Goal or Item At One Time and Say No to Multitasking
Many things and situations happen every day and require your attention. However, to focus on one thing at one time is quite essential. By saying no to multitasking can avoid less pressure and anxiety, poor efficiency and a waste of time. That means you can give yourself a big push and make a big forward.
• Knowing Your Weakness and Limits to Empower Yourself
To clearly examine yourself, your life, your mind, and feeling helps you find out the weakness like lack of concentration, doubts, and negative thoughts that keep you away from sticking to your plan and pushes you off track or off your path. Getting to know your weakness and limits can avoid depression and empower yourself to continue onward.
• Enjoy the Journey
Be kind to yourself, live in the moment and always have a goal to aim for, make it achievable yet challenging, keep it fresh and varied, and most of all enjoy the journey. It is not only about meeting the goals but also about grabbing every single moment of happiness and wonder along the way. So wonderful memories you have and lessons you learn are much more meaningful than just accomplishing the goals in life.

Wisdom is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other.”- Steven R. Covey

Making this process becomes habits, patterns, and practices to break old habits and rules so that you may have a brand new start. If you repeat it in your daily life, I deeply believe you would get your life aligned and stay on track to have a balanced life, your balanced life.


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