I was leading a small prosperity workshop in our home one day, when I held up my new laptop computer and asked the group, "what is it that you see?"

From off to my left I heard, "a laptop". From right behind her I heard, "a computer". A few people tried describing what it looks like, eager to give me the answer they thought I was looking for. Finally when everyone gave up I told them, what I saw. When I looked at that computer, what I saw was OPPORTUNITY.

When I look at a computer, I see opportunity. The opportunity to make a friend. The opportunity to create a change. The opportunity to get in touch with someone I love. The opportunity to change the world.

The difference between what I saw, and what they saw came down to one thing. This is the one thing that will create in your life more prosperity than most people can imagine. And that one thing is the creative power of your wonderful imagination.

Let's talk about Mr. Average. Mr Average lives a life that is dominated by his senses. Where when someone shows him a computer - a computer is all he sees, because that is what is physically there. Mr. Average sees with his eyes only, and that's why his life is one long rerun.

If you want to change what is PHYSICALLY in your life, you have to see more than what is physically there, you have to see with your mind, not just your eyes. You can't live like Mr. Average. You have to live a life that is dominated by Prosperity Consciousness.

When you live your life in prosperity consciousness, you can't help but see POTENTIAL in everything that is sensed and seen in your physical world. You can't help but make more money, because you see what can be done, with what is around you, and you can't help but be a part of it happening.

So what I want you to do, is to take a few minutes and look around the room you are physically in. Look around and notice, what is physically there. And imagine, what else you can do with it - starting right now.

Neville Goddard stated, "Imagination Creates Reality". And imagination does create change and it does create what most people call reality in many different ways. One way is what we have explored here today. Taking what you see, and seeing new potential with it.

And as we finish this article for you today, having given you something life changing to think about and act upon - aren't you glad when I saw my computer just a short 30 minutes ago, that I saw potential. I saw the potential to write a short but quick article for you today, one that could change your life. One that could make you millions.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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Mr Twenty Twenty gives away 221 Neville Goddard lectures free on his website at http://freeneville.com He and his wife also have written over 500 articles on the Law Of Attraction and how it has changed their lives and the lives of their friends and readers.