Here’s your strategy tip for the week for client attraction, to get more clients, make more money in your business and scale it so you become even more successful.

What I’d like to share with you today is your content – how to reduce, reuse and recycle. When I first started marketing my business, I got really clear that content is king, and that you can create credibility and visibility using content, showing people how to do something, giving examples and assignments.

For many, many years I’ve been creating new content, both written content and also verbal content. Here are some ways that you can do that: obviously articles, how to’s, videos, but especially teleseminars and workshops. All that content for many years took me so long to create. What I realized is I was spending more time writing content – which, by the way, is still very important – but it was eating up all of my time.

One day I decided to look at what content I had already written someplace else, and started repurposing it. Let me give you an example. Many, many years ago, when I started my ezine, I was scrambling. “Oh, what am I going to write about today,” and I looked here on my desk and there was my Client Attraction Home Study System, which is one of our best-selling products of all time.

I decided, “Well you know what? That tip on, let’s say page 34, why can’t I just take that and have that be my ezine article for this week?” There, in less than five minutes I had my entire article written, and it was ready to go.

I started doing this more and more, and then many years later, was writing new content, because you can’t recycle the same things all of the time. I realized, here I am, writing an article each week, but then I need to write another article for this article marketing site, and then for the blog, and then for Facebook and Twitter.

I realized, “Why don’t you just use the original article and repurpose it in many, many different ways?” What started happening is that I’ve had to create less content, but I could repurpose it and reuse it and recycle it in different ways to get the word out there. I was doing less work, but creating more visibility with it, and more credibility with my prospects and clients.

Same thing with when I used to do a workshop, a live session, for three hours on the last Wednesday of every month in New York City at this little place called the SLC Conference Center, I used to create new content every month. It would take me a full day to create this hour-and-a-half, two hour training session on different topics.

What I realized was, at the time, for $25 or $30, the same people would come back again and again and again because they would get the best of my content for $25. What I realized is, “Oh my gosh, I’m putting so much energy into this, but I was getting just a couple clients a month doing that.”

I realized, “What if I have the same content again and again and again each month?” I wouldn’t have to write it again. I would get fresh, new people, if you know what I mean, and I would master that particular topic.

The topic that really filled the room one day was, I believe, “How to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients.” It was standing room only that day, and the following month I thought, “Well, what am I going to work on?”

I thought, well, if I filled the room with that last month with that topic, I wonder what would happen if I did the same topic all over again. I sold the room again, this time with brand new people. Then those people hired me.

I decided: Why reinvent the wheel every single month? Just keep reusing the same stuff. Still today, I am still asked – the topic became “How to Attract All the Clients You Need” and I am still asked to do that talk in front of large audiences and associations. It’s my free CD and it’s all of these things that I do.

It is the same very valuable content that I produced many, many years ago, which means that I spend less time creating good content and more time really reusing some of the things that I already have.

I want to ask you: Of the content that you’ve already created, how can you reuse, recycle and repurpose what you already have? And, while we’re at it, how can you automate or use the same topic again and again and again, perhaps on a teleclass once a month, it’s an introductory teleclass or a live workshop that is meant to be a lead generator? How can you reduce, reuse and repurpose what you already have to get more clients?

That is your assignment for this week to make your business more scalable, to leverage your time and your marketing so that you get more done with less effort. Use it. Do it.

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Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD, visit