Laptop stickers are widely popular nowadays as they are one of only a few means to make your laptop stand out. These sticker like skins cover the front of the laptop with a unique design and once you create your own design, no two computers will ever look alike. To create your own laptop skin, you need a quality adhesive printer paper, plenty of imagination and a home printer. Your design can include text, photos, logos and basically anything you wish as long as you are able to print it.

How To Create Laptop Skins At Home:

1. Put together a unique design - the first step is where your imagination needs to shine. Your design can include images, photo and logos. You do not need special software to create it, even a word processor can do the job nicely.

2. Adjust the printer's setting - we recommend that you use the highest resolution setting which you will finder under your printer's setting options. Before you print on the actual sticker paper, you may want to test your work using a normal A4 printer paper. This optional step will help reduce wasting any sticker paper which is more expensive than a normal printer paper. Make any adjustments and if needs be print another test page.

3. Use printable sticker paper - printable sticker papers are available at A3 and A4 sizes and with a finish of clear, matt and glossy coating. The paper is very easy to print on because all you need is a home printer and scissors to trim the design.

4. Print the design - using your home printer, print one sticker paper, cut the paper to size and apply on the back of the laptop. The design may also fit other devices which you may wish to personalize such as a game console, Ipad and other electronics you might own.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and enjoy your laptop even more!

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