May the roof above us never fall in, and may we good companions beneath it never fall out. ~ Irish Blessing

Have you ever been in a building – frequently a place of worship – that feels safe and filled with peace? What about your own home environment: does it feel safe and filled with peace? Do you know what creates that sense of freedom, peace and safety, and would you like to establish that for your home?

What IS a “Cleared” Home Space?

When an environment like a temple, a reception area in a business office, or a person’s home feels warm, snuggly, comfortable and inviting, it’s practically guaranteed that space has been cleared with a ritual to clear negative energy. Inside a place of worship, incense, chanting, prayer and candles are frequently used to clear negative energy. Inside an office, cleanliness, furniture polish, flowers and light keep the space cleared and welcoming.

In a person’s home, the same things are possible. It’s just wonderful to enter into a space where the feeling says “Come on in. I’m glad you’re here.” Let’s look at how we Super Moms can accomplish that in our own homes.

What are the basics for Home Clearing?

We can borrow from the monks’ ritual to make our homes feel as safe, peaceful and welcoming as their temples.

Clear out the clutter. Look around in your environment and get rid of things that have been laying around for several years unused. If they’re broken, fix them. If they’re just taking up space, pass them forward to another who might appreciate having them.

Clutter stems from some emotional issue and it just feels burdensome, so getting rid of it automatically lightens up both your sense and the space. Clutter is frequently linked to a sense of “lack” or a sense of guilt, depression, or a failed relationship, so let it go!

Clear the fridge or pantry of foods whose “use by” date has expired.

Remove anything from the room that holds a negative charge for you, like a memento from a failed relationship, for example, or dead plants.

Open the windows. Fresh air is important for cleansing a room. Make sure the windows and the window sills are clean, too. Let the room air out for a minimum of half an hour up to six hours before you begin the ritual.

Prepare a few tools. Rituals are a lovely formalized way to be sure the energy in your home is positive. Some tools you can choose from are unscented candles, rock salt, juniper or sage, bells or a gong, or tribal drums. Some folks use Holy Water. Some use fresh flowers.

Don’t wear jewelry. Meditate a bit before the ritual to center yourself. Play soft, uplifting music.

Consider the corners. Energy frequently gets stuck into a room’s corners, so pay attention to them when you perform your ritual.

Quiet. Eliminate as much external noise as you can. Turn off appliances and radios. If you are using smudge sticks, turn off fire alarms before beginning the ritual.

The Ritual

Enter the room you wish to cleanse fully hydrated yourself, and trust your instincts. Walk around the outside perimeter of the room at least six times in either direction, sensing any negative influences you might feel as you walk. It is important to stay focused to keep your awareness at its highest.

1) Create Your Intention. Write down on a piece of paper what results you want to achieve and read this aloud at the beginning. For example “I will release entirely all negativity associated with my previous relationship and I will open the space for greater success for myself and others.”
2) Set up an Altar. Arrange all your tools within easy reach in the room along with any other symbol you feel might aid in the process, like a small statue of a beloved figure.
3) Spray a little water into the room’s air and/or light some incense and let the smoke drift throughout the room. You can also use sage smudge and wave the smoke into all the corners of the room.
4) To change the energy of the room, walk around the room and clap your hands to interrupt the former energy. Begin by crouching close to the floor the first time around. Second time, hit the middle level, and reach higher in the room the third time around. Let your intuition lead you. You can use a rattle instead of clapping.
5) Sprinkle rock salt throughout the room, allowing yourself to be drawn to those places where the energy feels darker. If you can leave the salt for twelve hours, do that.
6) Take the bells you have and move around the area to add lightness and a higher vibration. Announce your intention as you tinkle the bells.
7) If you are using Holy Water, flick into where you sense it’s needed.
8) Don’t rush in the cleansing. Let the room sit with the renewed energy for as long as possible. Offer a pray of thanks for the changing.

Ritual cleansing is a wonderful way to eliminate negativity in your home due to argument, illness or upset. It’s a way that you, the Super Mom, can control the harmonious elements of your home so that the Welcome sign really means Welcome!

May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends. ~Author Unknown

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Maria Khalifé has expanded her life purpose to include helping others to live a masterful, successful life led by her own example and accomplishments through the creation of The Change Coaching Institute, a training institute for those wishing to accelerate their growth on The Path, and a training ground for coaches to help her advance this ground breaking work.