Delivering teleclasses is a powerful way to get clients. Yet, many of my students tell me they aren’t sure what to include or the order that works best to deliver the information.

I’m going to share my surefire structure for creating an amazing teleclass. It’s so easy you’ll have your first program together in no time. Or, this can be your opportunity to restructure your current content to make it work even harder for you so you get more clients.

I’m going to tell you my secret; I often script the entire program so that I know everything I’m going to say. You don’t need to type out every word, but when you have the main details in front of you, it makes delivering the information so much easier. Plus, you won’t need to worry about forgetting anything.

I recommend this seven part flow for material you want to share in your next preview teleclass.

1. Welcome listeners to the call. Tell them you are grateful they made time to be with you. Let them know how this time together will change their lives.

2. You have so much content you could talk for days. Talk about how you’ll provide loads of content, whatever can fit into the hour even though you could teach this stuff over three days because you have so much to share. There’s lots more to learn, so suggest listeners may want to work with you to get more information and that later in the call, you’ll offer an opportunity for deeper learning.

3. Introduce your topic and present the problem callers have. Talk about the problem listeners have or if you don’t know this yet, tell your compelling story. Make sure to weave in client examples to prove how your method solves the problem.

4. Make a mini- pitch at 40 minutes. Say something like, “I’ve given you a lot of content already. We’re at step four out of seven (or whatever the number of steps). I know sometimes people can’t stay for the entire call and I don’t want you to miss anything coming up.” Then take 5-minutes to preview your offer, give out the URL, stuff like that.

5. Finish your content. Get back to delivering the remainder of the content and make sure you cover everything you promised.

6. Deliver your pitch. Finish up with your pitch and explain your offer to learn more at the end of the call. Don’t forget to squeeze in those client examples of success to get clients interested in working with you.

7. Close with some branding. For me, I end calls with “Okay, this is Fabienne Fredrickson signing off. Have a great night. Remember, live life like you mean it.” See how easy that is? Use this format, and you’ll get clients to work with you faster than you might think.

Your Assignment:
Try this format for creating your next teleclass preview. Once you plug your information in, you see how well this structure works. Write out your main points and figure out what client examples to use. This preparation pays off when you get new clients!

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