Problems caused by lack of communication

I often hear about internal communications shifting to chat on the Internet. Why do “subordinates who can't work” and “bosses who ca n’t ask for jobs”, which have been problems recently, occur? What is needed to solve them?
Many of the problems that companies face are considered to be caused by “lack of communication” in nearly 90%. In order to fundamentally solve these problems, it is necessary not only to lack communication between supervisors and subordinates, but also to actively communicate between companies and employees.

The bad guy is neither the subordinate nor the boss

When something happens, work can be, such will often hear that scold subordinates bought was. But is that really the responsibility of subordinates only?

The fact that subordinates have failed to do their job as expected is also responsible for superiors who have not shared the desired shape with them. On the other hand, subordinates are also responsible for their work while leaving undisturbed understanding and unclear points. In other words, which is not bad, this is due to a lack of communication between the two.

However, it seems that there are many people who do not recognize this and push responsibility from the event that happened on the spot. Despite being responsible for each other, it is natural that subordinates feel uncomfortable if they are beaten unilaterally. In addition, subordinates who take a dissatisfied attitude evaluate the boss as “Recently clear generation” or “Weak and weak”. This seems like a negative spiral for companies.

Forgetful company-employee communication

Of course community in the enterprise Nikeshon is important, but I think that companies and employees there is a need to improve the communication so as not to cause deviation in the more each other.
Consider Starbucks, which has a high reputation for customer service. Starbucks offers more than 70 hours of training to learn about the company's philosophy, its significance and hospitality. Perhaps there are not so many companies that have 70 hours of training time part-time. The secret of “miracle hospitality” is the long-term communication. Even though Starbucks does not have a customer service manual, each partner (name of Starbucks part-time job) must be a company to receive a quality customer service whenever and wherever they go. It is thought that this is because they are making decisions and acting according to their philosophy.


In recent years, basic communication items have been moved to chats and tasks have been made manual, but it seems that opportunities to communicate and make decisions and act on their own have decreased. Why don't you go back to the basics and review your interpersonal communication because the problems caused by lack of communication are attracting attention?

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