You are decided to embark on the great adventure, yes but how?
First, what platform to use to create the travel blog?
You will probably see offers on the net offering you to create free travel blogs. This can be tempting.
However, there are many disadvantages to doing this.
Why not use free platforms?

• You do not have your own domain name. Your blog will have an address of the kind:
• These offers are not optimized for SEO. Your blog will only be read by your loved ones.
• You do not have audit-coaching sessions to really discuss your project.
• These blogs are very little customizable.
• The theme is the same. Your blog will look like thousands of others on the web.
• These blogs are invaded by advertising blocks. Not very nice for your readers. And you cannot do anything about it.
• You are dependent on a third party company that can change the rules when it wants to. What if she decides to stop these services right away?
• Finally, you show less credibility by going through this kind of site.
In short, to create a quality travel blog and to stand out, I really advise you to use an independent platform.
There is no photo.
In plain language: take a domain name and a web host using a blog engine like WordPress.
You will be completely independent and free to personalize your travel blog at your leisure! Nothing like freedom not?
I will now introduce you the different steps to create your travel blog.
Use WordPress to create your travel blog

WordPress is the answer to the question "How to create your travel blog". It is free software and it is the most used blog engine (or CMS) in the world.
Once installed, its everyday use is within everyone's reach. However, it is necessary to set it well, which is not necessarily easy for beginners.

You should choose your domain name correctly.
This is a strategic step forward. You will have to choose a name that pleases you and future readers. A name "sexy" what! The name must not be too long, it must include (if possible) an important keyword, it must be easy to memorize, let’s say tourlly.
In short, step brainstorming impossible to circumvent!
Choose your hosting provider
Again, if you have a minimum of ambition, this is an important step.
The quality of a host depends on the speed of its servers, the quality of its customer service and the options offered such as automatic backups. Some hosts are better than others.

Installing your blog

If this is the first time for you, this is not going to be obvious. It's a technical step, and I know many people are not comfortable with that kind of thing. That said, the installation itself is not insurmountable if you follow the procedure.
Choose your theme

There are also free themes. The problem is that because of their free, many use them ... Also, to stand out and aim for something from a professional minimum, it is better to opt for a paid wordpress theme.
It's not very expensive. A good theme costs between

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Allesson Jackson