Modern society could hardly be imagined without IT. The Stock Exchange as a part of modern business has not missed the unique opportunity to utilize this new medium being anxious to boost and facilitate trading processes. It goes without saying, speed and quality are crucial in financial world. To meet these requirements modern software vendors do their best making the most out of cutting-edge technologies and drawing on highly experienced trading software developers.

According to the latest market researches there is a number of software vendors but only a few of them are able to manage with developing of complex trading software. Undoubtedly, there is a common practice to outsource software development as well as financial software to cut costs and being able bring into use outsourced trading software developers. A reasonable question could arise: How to opt a proper software vendor who is capable of advanced trading software developing? It is absolutely clear only a highly responsible, experienced company focused on electronic trading and asset management would be a right choice. It is reasonable to consider human resources the most valuable asset. Moreover this asset plays the role of a software creator from the beginning through the end. Accounting for the latest practices this “creator” or trading software developer should be:

Well educated with good background in math, computer science & economics;
Highly experienced & technology aware;
Purposeful, decisive, responsible & success oriented;
Following the best practices in security and adhering to intellectual property protection.
All abovementioned facts prove how crucial is trading software vendor choice. To err is human but it does not fly in the financial world. Any trading software is to be elaborated at every stage, starting from the inception and up to transition. It is advisable for every prospective customer to bear in mind that a trading software works with real assets and could potentially bring either profits or losses, depending on the way of using. Human factor could hardly be totally eliminated in any software system. But it is well known that any software developed in accordance with the best practices is able to prevent a user from the majority of incorrect actions. Thus, the right vendor choice is vital. A customer should realize there are some more important factors; for instance proper worked out requirements, professional maintaining etc., but they are out of the scope of this article.

Having chosen the aforementioned components of your future trading software, especially the right vendor with proper trading software developers you are ready to start construction of a successful financial application that could not only preserve your assets but make your money grow.

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ETNA creates software for capital markets. We work with both sell and buy sides, and also offer custom software for finance companies. As a member of FIX protocol we create markets connectivity infrastructure.