This question was asked on and I submitted this “recipe” which received a “The best” nod.


Page 1 – Ideal client profile (demogaphics, psychographics, technograpics and geographics)

Page 2 – SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

Page 3 – One Page Business Plan(R) for your industry. It includes your vision and mission to start. Then your objectives, strategies and overall action items. Main thing for the later is to create a Balanced Scorecard — just not have all financial goals. Here is a link to a comprehensive list of business plan resources. Free and fee, for daily use or funding. Software, templates, online training and my stuff, too.

I recommend adding add a few more pages.

Page 4 – Monitor your objectives and action plans
Page 5 – Pricing sheet
Page 6 – Marketing Funnel
Page 7 – Marketing calendar

That will not only give you a plan, it will give you a process to implement and monitor it.

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