Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear friend, all of your relationships stem from your relationship with yourself. So here are a few secrets to developing healthy relationships.

•Appreciate and learn to love yourself.
•Don’t ask others to love you first.
•Respect yourself and make positive choices.
•Relationships are there to help us learn and grow towards our full potential.
•Look to your relationships to enhance you – not to fill a void.

With that being said, here are some elements that are considered to be necessary in a healthy relationship: In a healthy relationship, the intentions for the relationship are set in advance and agreements are made from those intentions.

No matter what kind of relationship you are involved in, it is possible to determine, set and create in advance intentions for the relationship. Whether with a parent, child, supervisor, co-worker or significant other, you can work with the other person to create what you both want in the relationship.

As the relationship grows, change and evolves, intentions and agreements made from these intentions are constantly renegotiated.

In a healthy relationship, both people are able to be authentic in who they truly are and are able to speak their truth.

Both people are able to be themselves and to speak freely about their ideas and what they are feeling without blame, judgment, or criticism. They are simply honored for who they are. (Excerpted from my eBook: 12 Secrets to Having A Romantic Relationship)

In a healthy relationship, both people take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. Each party must take 100 per cent responsibility – no more – no less – for what is going on in the relationship.

Both people are emotionally aware and are both able and willing to look inside themselves for what’s really at the bottom of an issue or feeling and what’s most important to them.

Emotional awareness allows a person to know what he or she is feeling in every moment. It is your measurement stick that is telling you whether your needs are being met, your life is in balance and whether you are happy or not.

Healthy relationships demonstrate flexibility on the part of both partners. Too many changes, however, bring disruption, along with a feeling of being out of control. This opens the door for anxiety.

But like a captain of a sailing vessel thrown off course by a sudden wave, strong relationships involve people who are able to adjust, that make course corrections that move back to solid compass setting and return to the original course.
Flexibility also means personal changes for the benefit of the relationship.

With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

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