There could be various reasons why you may need to make another Gmail account and email address. You may have gotten tired of other email service providers because they offer little storage capacity for your mailbox.

You may also need a professional email service. Whatever the case could be, making a Gmail account is convenient and is possible in a few minutes.

This process requires an Internet connection to start with. You may make use of your computer or your Smartphone to complete it. A Smartphone with internet access would be preferred as you will get a password on your Smartphone to complete the email sign in. Below is how to open a Gmail account:

How to open a Gmail account?

Firstly, start by heading to the Gmail homepage. To reach the homepage, you should enter the URL or into the browser's address bar. You can also type "Gmail" in the Google search icon and click on Gmail's official link that shows up first. It can also take you to the Gmail homepage. You will locate a sign-in box to input your email and password to login to your Gmail account. Since you are just about to start, you will need to click the link "Create Account" to continue to the Gmail registration page.

Steps to Creating Your New Gmail Account

  1. Input your fundamental data:

Input your essential data, for example, your name, sex, and date of birth. Here, you will select your Gmail username, and it could be anything according to your desire. It is ideal for picking your name initials in the username, which will be good when you use it for something important in the future.

  1. Choose your password:

When you are done with the Gmail username, you can make a password for your email. It is advisable to go for a long password that contains numbers, alphabets, and special characters. This will enhance the security of your account. Whenever you are done, you will be asked to rewrite the password in another box to confirm it.

  1. Connect your telephone number and existing email:

Google will request your telephone number or your current email address to link it to your new account. This process gives your Gmail account additional security, and you can continue with the two-step verification.

  1. Consent to the terms and conditions:

Consent to Google's terms of service and enter the Captcha as appeared in the image to confirm that you are not a robot but a human. Click on "next." Finally, you would have successfully signed up with Gmail and able to access it anytime you want.

Gmail Accounts Advantages

A Gmail account carries a lot of advantages to a user. It opens up the universe of chances as you can have access to email, which is furnished with a simple-to-use interface, Google+, Google News, and substantially more. Follow the above guide and realize the intensity of Gmail.

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