With over one billion active users, Facebook Messenger is leading the charge in online communications. As a result, Messenger chatbots have become a growing trend to be digital avatars for online companies, businesses, and brands. If you are looking to build your own chatbot, with no coding required, try these tools to become a chatbot influencer:

Chattypeople.com, specializing in e-shopping, restaurant, and product deliveries, is at the forefront of chatbot shopping experiences. Their user-friendly interface allows you to quickly set up your chatbot to do exactly what you need it to instead of spending hours or days learning the code. By recognizing specific trigger phrases or common variations of them, the bot will assist the user through product selections, collect their mailing address for quick shipping, and even process payment through secure online merchants like Stripe or PayPal, all from within the conversation window. Instead of scrolling through massive web pages and filling out tedious forms, the entire shopping experience can be handled by the chatbot.

Using Facebook’s push notification system, it can send special offers and hot deals to users and potential customers that have subscribed to the page. With chattypeople’s management tools, you can easily track sales, orders, deliveries, and promotional campaigns from their easy to use dashboard. To top it off, the service is free to sign up for and their starter plan is completely free for the first 100 customers, with affordable plans for larger audiences. Their plans also include professional email support to keep your bot running smoothly at all times.

Botsify is another Facebook chatbot platform that helps make it easy to integrate chatbots into the system. Its paid subscription helps you in five easy steps. 1) Log into the botsify.com site, 2) Connect your Facebook account, 3) Setup a webhook, 4) Write up commands for the chatbot you are creating, and 5) Let Botisfy handle the customer service for you. If the paid services are a little too much, they do offer a free service that lets you create as many bots as your lovely imagination can dream up.

Chatfuel specializes in brand marketing and promotion. They serve clients from small start-ups to multi-million dollar organizations which include major news sites, NBA and NFL teams, and millions of other clients. Chatfuel is designed for sharing events, showcasing breaking news, or providing intuitive customer service for your Facebook page. With their intuitive interface, you will designate specific trigger phrases or words and their associated responses. Common phrases (hi, hello, sup, hey) can be clustered together to illicit the same response from the chatbot. You can also program response cards that can feature text, web links, images, or videos. The service can connect to sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others to push relevant content to your bot’s subscribers through conversations or through Facebook’s notification system.

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