Garden space has become a purchase commodity along with your home these days. Gone are the days when we could just walk out of our house and get as many fruits and flowers from the trees around. Gone are the days when we had some yard in the front and rear of the house that acted as our own gardening spot. Gone are the days when we had a huge fenced backyard to grow the plants and trees of our choice. We are currently standing in a time of life when the land we can own is very limited and within those limits we could try and accommodate all our needs. Most people believe garden and plants have a therapeutic effect on a home and people living in the home, which is why many home designers insist on having a nice backyard garden or a terrace/balcony garden done. Here are some of ideas that will help you create your serene getaway with the least space available for your landscapes and garden.

The first tip would be to envision what the need of the space would be. While some people like lush green bushes everywhere, some like majorly hardscape and trees and shrubs in between. Some like flower landscape while some prefer fruits and herb vegetation. Hence depending on the likes of the family and depending on how much space is available a clean plan can make the first step. Next would be to decide how much plants and what type of plants would go where. Because some plants get bushy and wide, while some grow lean and tall. This will help you give a good usage of space. Position where the greenery would go and where the other furniture would go.

When choosing to make a small space as a garden for your home expert decorators recommend going with pristine hardscapes. Paving in minimalist gardens needs to be simple and straightforward, yet highly engineered. The materials used need to be immaculate in finish limestone or pale sandstone are favorites used by designers, though polished concrete also fits the bill. Though any minimalist garden should be as maintenance free as possible, any hardscaping must be kept pristine to achieve the look. Pressure washing should help keep more absorbent stone, such as limestone and sandstone, free from algae and dirt stains. The clean lines of the deck minimalism has brought the use of decking to the highest echelon are complemented with the bold tropical-style planting. Water features in minimalist gardens tend to be understated. They should be part of the overall scheme rather than added ornamentation. Even with the movement they provide, they should create a feeling of calm. Minimalist gardening is all about space and how it is used. Following the trends in interior design, it tends to involve a restricted palette of hard landscaping materials and plants, combined with a design of bold, simple lines. A minimalist garden needs to have a strong line and a clear purpose, beautifully executed and detailed.

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