In journalism circles, Tanya Targett is referred to as "The Perfumed Steamroller" for her ability to "Get the Story." In fact - she has won an award for Best News Story.

Through Tanya's experience, she has learned that the story you tell can make all the difference. She has found that there are 3 critical pieces to telling your business's "compelling story", the story that wins over even the toughest client. In Tanya's experience, it is just as important for you to learn the difference in the "content-based press release" vs the "commercial sales pitch". Then, once you have your story down, you can add additional income to your business through monetizing the media (publicity that drives sales, book deals and sponsorship deals).

Topics Tanya will touch on include:

-- The power of your story (which parts to 'tease' out for endless media and publicity).

-- The great media myth (why you don't need to know a single soul in TV to get on TV).

-- How entrepreneurs, who've been in business just one day, can tap into free media marketing and endless publicity.

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