Depression is one of the most awful things to get a handle on because you can be feeling dreadful yet to the outside World you look alright. You may have been feeling fine six months ago and now you are telling them that you wish you were dead, you are suicidal, you cannot get any enthusiasm to go to work, get washed and dressed, you have trouble sleeping and you have gone off you food. On top of that you find it hard to concentrate so life is pretty grim. At least one of the people close to you will be giving you much unwanted and inadequate advice such as that they had it once and they snapped out of it so you should too. Which is really patronising and rubbing salt into the wound.

So what do you do? Do you go to see the doctor? Probably a good idea if you get on well with him or her but remember that many doctors only have a cursory knowledge of it and are not going to be able to do anything other than either refer you to a therapist/counsellor or/and put you onto anti depressants. Anti depressants may be totally inappropriate with you and they can cause nasty side effects. Even if they work they can take up to two months to get into the system and start to help lift your mood.

One of the difficulties with depression is that everyone gets it differently. Some get physical systems, other so do. Some have trouble sleeping or eating whilst others might sleep or eat more. Some have no energy others are fine or have more. So it is a very individual thing.

You can read a lot more about it here at and you can take some herbal medication to maybe help lift your mood, St Johns Wort is the most popular one for it although there are others that can help to calm you or help you feel less anxious or help you to sleep.

How to cope with depression.

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